Can endure Not see hope to browns poverty, not betray alternate jerseys will be hope personality; to the pursuit of wealth, can not break the pale; can express their differences, not mischief; can not be good, not evil; can not do a gentleman, not to be the villain; can tolerate sloppy, can not tolerate decadence; can not graduate, can not taste; can not indulgence, casual and elegant bearing. Excessive; can not say thank you, don’t know thanksgiving.

Love is like the sand in your hand, the tighter you hold it, the faster it flows. Love is like a porcelain, easily broken, need to gently. Love is like a cup of coffee, bitter and astringent and sweet. Love is like a garden, which has roses and cacti. Love is like the moon, there are fifteen of the perfect, there are also incomplete. Love is like a Book mumbo-jumbo, need people who love life hard to interpret.

Some things do not see hope to insist, but insisted that will see hope.

We do a thing, if you are looking for work reasons, such as money, we will What one says is plausible., always thought that today’s hard work, is for tomorrow’s happiness. However, happiness is not the end of the road, it is on our way. Therefore, the reason is sometimes just a false excuse, it makes clear to blur, simple to complex, so that we have a light heart slowly tired and numb. To restore the essence of things is to restore ourselves.

We have reason to believe that the love based on love is short, because love itself is short;cheap price for nba jerseys and the love is based on money, because money is forever.

The person’s life is destined to meet two people, an amazing time, a gentle years.

Life is like walking in the fog; from afar, just a misty direction and this can’t. However, when you put down the courage, fear and doubt, one step one step forward to, you will find that every step you can take the next step to see clearly a point. “Go ahead, don’t stand far away!” You can find your way.

The world does not exist in love or Tousijinguo, no matter what age, as long as the two sides love, most willing to, any emotional or sexual behavior, are natural rights, that is the greatest human rights, it is not being interference stopped.

In this world, in addition to their loved ones, who let you have a sense of security; who was always there for you; who are you unwell top quality for cheap jerseys, bad mood when the love you; who you have difficulties when there is always the first one in your side, who is your favorite person.

A lot of things not come, especially feelings without the tacit understanding between the two sides, will even want a kiss is very difficult, whether you accept or not accept it. However, a lot of things on earth through the efforts can always get some corresponding changes, feelings too, if you have wisdom, and not let you use all the blame being concerned about to blame, blame, blame not everything you want.

What you waste today is the tomorrow that the person who died yesterday expect tomorrow.

The world is big, big to you grow up heavy right hand, the world famous, but want to find a neighbor that the little girl you lick a lollipop, have been found dead but still no news of her. But the world is very small, you may eat a bowl of dirty Luzhu fire, squatting to the street when the toilet, they will suddenly encounter small time for you and the neighbor girl lollipop shameless scum.

If life can not be together, that is the best gift. After some time, when you caress memories, you will find that stay, only our good, not bad.

A five minute subway trip, a trip to the bus for half an hour, the birthday of a year, and the true love, maybe once in a lifetime; miss a train can wait, but sometimes miss a person is never less than.

You feel lonely, not because no one cares about you, but the one you care about doesn’t jerseys china for promotion care about you.

The world is the most painful love, I love you, but you don’t love me, the world’s most troublesome love, I do not love you, you have come to haunt me, the world’s most painful love, we love each other, but not together, the world’s most sad love, we all love but, to be together.

The most painful thing is not that you indifferent to say you do not care, but you let go, but I will always live in regret, can not forget! The most painful thing is not that I live in regret can not forget, but you still do not understand my sadness and loneliness! The most painful thing is not that you do not understand my sorrow and loneliness, but I even if the pain through the heart, can not cry!