Since ancient Nothing is left buffalo times, the vast majority of the rich bills jerseys kids be independent for wealth, is all left to future generations. But in the American millionaire, but in recent years there is a new trend in fashion, is not to leave too much wealth to their children, so they ran into a milksop. This fashion practitioners have investment Microsoft founder Bill Gate, the famous Warren Buffett family.

The reason why modern millionaires have such ideas may be attributed to the lessons left by Ross Chad. Ross Chad is Babbitt’s older generation of rich, he left all his property to his son, Rafael. But Rafael was found dead on a sidewalk in New York after two years of inheritance, the cause of death was heroin addiction, only 23 years old.

The Carnegie foundation has done a survey of more than $150 thousand in inheritance property in the children, there are 20% people to give up work, indulges himself in until bankrupt; some idle away in seeking pleasure, life loneliness, mental problems, or to make things break.

Indeed, life between heaven and earth, self-reliance is the most important subject of life. A generation of great educator Tao Xingzhi the old gentleman had a well written poem: “drop of his blood, cheap jerseys online shed your sweat, do their own thing, on my by Lao Tzu, not a hero.” What is the most important thing in life? It is knowledge, wisdom and sweat. People often say: “people rely on farming ground grass, on which a bowl of soup”. Parents can not rely on life, let alone others? Therefore, the world’s most reliable is not others, but their own.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty fengjiangdali Zuo Zongtang home in Changsha to stay luxury mansion be busy at putting up installations, for future generations. He is always afraid of artisan Jerry, he personally on crutches to the site supervision, touch here and there at. There is an old craftsman to see him so not assured, said: “adult, rest assured. I live such a large age, I do not know how much the city in Changsha made mansion. In my hand made the hall, never collapsed, but the owner is often easy.” After listening to Zuo Zongtang, do not feel shame, sigh and go.

With the official Lin Zexu in the treatment of children on the issue of how to open. He once said: “if I want to do what? Yin and more money, then the loss of his will; descendants if not me, money to do? The fool and more wealth, increase their benefits.” For children to leave wealth, it is better to leave more knowledge, future generations may not be able to retain the wealth, but must use knowledge to create wealth.

It can be seen that wealth is precious, but it is more valuable than wealth.

So you should know that it is better to leave behind knowledge than to leave wealth. Don’t think you can’t live without someone! Only a man of his own will save himself.

There is such a story in ancient Greek mythology:

The son of Zeus Hercules when I was young, had two goddesses, a virtue goddess, a goddess of evil. The evil goddess said to him, “come with me,jerseys different color son! You enjoy the glory, splendour, wealth and rank! What you want, I will meet you!”

The goddess of virtue said to him, “come with me, son! I will teach you how to March forward! And you will be in the process of becoming too strong to overcome the difficulties and dangers of the!”

Hercules thought, resolutely with virtue goddess. After this, he was in the process of overcoming numerous go through fire and water, the strong extremely venomous serpents and wild beasts, for human repeatedlyspectacular, a leading Greek mythology of the greatest heroes! Moreover, it is precisely because of this, he was married to the goddess of youth – became the goddess of youth husband!

I really admire the deep and profound ancient Greeks, the original, “what you want” is not only what happiness, but also a kind of evil! On the other hand, it is the most sensible choice for life to consciously challenge the tribulation!

What kind of an easy life can make people feel comfortable, but will not let you in the ability, talent, moral character, etc..

“Heaven, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement.” The objective world continues to move forward, and the society keeps moving forward, so those who are interested must constantly improve themselves and constantly update themselves.

As Wen Tianxiang said: “the gentleman is in, not simply this day.”

The father of the former Soviet Union rocket Qi Orr koves Ki (1857 – 1935) at the age of 10, caught scarlet fever, a few days of high fever, which caused severe complications, so that he almost completely lost hearing, a half deaf. He bears at the children’s pain and unable to go to school. His father was a forester, running around all day. So the burden of teaching him to read and write on his mother. The mother patiently explaining and good at giving systematic guidance counseling, soon he made great progress. But when he was studying with confidence, his mother died of illness, the sudden blow, so that he was in great pain. He did not understand why the road of life so difficult? Why are so many misfortunes on his head? What will he do in the future? The father stroked his head and said, “kid! Have ambition, rely on their own efforts to go.” Yeah! Schools do not accept, others ridicule, in the future only rely on their own!