When I was young, I came to a village in the village. He said to my mother, “your daughter, your feet, will be with you.” I remember Now is the best time, Mr. just finished, my mother cried, it is to be separated from the distance, and see her daughter ah. I was happy to hear the wholesale kids denver broncos jerseys prediction, because I couldn’t wait to get out of the small village and go out and see the world. I went to the town of reading, to study in Beijing in recent years already attracted several countries.

In short, I always feel that the parents are still young, these years I never seem to really think of home. Is a mid autumn festival, a reunion of the day, I still can not accompany the parents around. But today, when I was on the phone with my mom, I had a little thinking of her. From the moment they go out to study, on the back of the pack, leave the hometown. But at that time, I do not know wholesale kids denver broncos jerseys how long,Now is the best time just want to escape, to see the scenery outside. Did not expect, and later became a person can not go back.

Just graduated a few years, my parents told me that my neighbor and I have a big girl close to home, the Mid Autumn Festival can come back to accompany their parents. In words I hear their loss. But lost to lose, my mother is still standing in my position to forgive me not to go home. Implication is because I can not go home so far away. In fact, from Shandong to Beijing home, sitting high iron is only 3 hours. When I was at school, I had an excuse to wholesale kids denver broncos jerseys go home to buy a ticket is not good, then there is no money, parents understand me.Now is the best time Just graduated, I have an excuse, because they earn less money, or no money, so the Mid Autumn Festival can not go home to accompany their parents. Later graduated a few years, the money, I do not have a boyfriend, I do not want to listen to their parents and neighbors nagging, so I still do not go home. Later, I still do not go home, the reason is because a person spent a habit of.

Once a year the Spring Festival, I am a person on the back of the pack to nepal. At that time, I thought I was young, I must go to the cheap nike nfl jerseys outside world to see a look. And go home, really can not find any fun. The topic of the village folks, I feel very boring. My parents have always been very enlightened, they once said: with the wide sea diving, sky. However, the wholesale kids denver broncos jerseys eve of the cross, my mother listened to me in the outside and the new year’s voice, she cried again. She said she was 63 years old. I was still young not sorrow taste, still do not know the pain of leaving home. I didn’t read my mother’s wish.

Chinese is the hometown of the secular, morality, filled with affection, dust and smells. Memory, there is no noise of industrial civilization, there is no desire to transpiration, there is no naked fight, no bright hatred, only quiet. In the quiet countryside, the nature, the mind, the human, all is harmonious, is full of the affection, like a pure poem. Our generation is actually quite special, most of the 80 in eighteen at the age of nine or fifteen at the age of six, began to set foot on the road to leave the hometown. University City, it seems logical has become his second home. Drifting away a long time, nostalgia is gradually faded to pale, almost forgotten, even suddenly raised, actually did not feel normal.

Under the strong pressure of survival, we learn to quickly heal, like the body of the white cells to resist the epidemic virus, we used to pretend calm to numb their own thoughts of the swelling. We seem to have a full life,Now is the best time it seems to enjoy the fun of life, seemingly in a good time to have a wholesale kids denver broncos jerseys good time. However, a moment, a word, a picture, maybe it will make us nervous collapse, let us cry. Yes, in fact, we just look very cold, very strong.

Leave the hometown Road, will be very difficult to go back, this is a need for a person to walk alone at night for a long time. May need a authentic eagles jerseys wholesale person through many a lonely moon, from the heart, to heart, to tears, to. Maybe this is a look very beautiful way, because each dream sway over the sweat of the people are either long or short, or deep or shallow tasted the taste. Reunion day, can be together with the family, is the most natural best wishes. However, if you are still alone at home, whether you are now or what, no need to worry, not lonely, believe me, now is the best time, as long as you are on the road.

At the same time, this kind of silent in the habit of doing things, seems to let me become more quiet and calm, calm in the wholesale kids denver broncos jerseys face of loneliness and sadness, respectively, to calmly accept the applause, success and joy. Thus, a man living in the city, hidden in the crowd, living a story and continue to tell the story of mortals, has become a great pursuit. I will not sink, will not lose my passion, just a way of life. I will complete a lot of work for you in this state of life. Go all the way to see a road, a road, a road of love, a person who is experiencing, record, sentiment, writing, I think this is a more tough.