“I feel very complex, this is really a wholesale jerseys china bitter thing is sweet, I will feel disappointed and angry Oakland fans, I can only say, I want them to know that the team understand their feelings at the moment. This is a group of the world’s greatest fans, we will be hard to change, to create something to make them feel more proud.” Mark – Davies said with emotion, when determined to leave, he realized how much he did not give up.



Like their neighbor, the Jinzhou Braves, who left their roots for half a century, to the unknown city, they had to say goodbye when they found out how much they could not say goodbye. In 2019 the team will travel to San Francisco, the Jinzhou warriors still in the bay area, they still Bay myth; raid is going to the distant Nevada, came to a boom in Las Vegas, clearly have better economic benefits in Las Vegas, but this group of Raiders fans with sudden growth but not in the company of the team the. After more than ten years to reproduce the glory once again reached the playoffs, this celebration of the temperature has not yet dispersed, but the Raiders poured a bowl of cold water directly to the fans, which is undoubtedly very cruel. But in any case, this team is about to open a new chapter.

“I hope the fans can support us as always, and in the rest of the time, we want to do everything we can to bring them a championship for the Bay area.” Davies said.

Las Vegas has invested heavily in building a new stadium for the Raiders, due to the time problem, the next few seasons Raiders will continue to fight in Oakland until after the completion of the new stadium in 2020. Davies said the team will stay in Oakland for another two years, while the Raiders also have the option of two years in nfl jerseys wholesale Oakland to decide whether to take more time in Oakland.

“The Raiders were born in Oakland, the team has always been the DNA of Oakland, I know the fans are very sad, I am very sad, but I hope the fans can continue to support our every day here.” Davies continued to express his feelings.
In the 2006-07 season, the Russian midfielder Yevgeny Malkin and Starr family’s younger brother Jordan Starr joined the penguins finally on the right track, and scored the playoffs. Although penguins that season defense is empty, but not Larry as a goalkeeper, the first penguins in this one million Kwan, the offensive team propped up the defence and got 40 wins, for only 22 years old, he is simply unbelievable. Eph. Leary joined Tom – Brasov became history only 22 penguins get 40 wins in a single season goalkeeper.

The Jinzhou warriors carrying the hope of Oakland, they won in Oakland, even in 2019 the warriors went to San Francisco, Oakland fans can still follow the warrior’s glory, but the Raiders really want to and part company each going his own way.

Although the season because of injuries missed many games, but he continued to put LAIRUY outstanding performance, excellent rate of registration saves 92.1%. In the playoffs, not a stable extremely young Larry, registration saves better rate of 93.3%, and led the way young penguins came to the finals to face the boss of the west, the cheap jerseys Detroit red wings. However, ginger or the old lady, although not Larry repeatedly used to show God saves his excellent physical ability and flexibility, Crosby, Malkin, Starr and Horsa fought desperately, penguin or lost in the finals and defeated the red wings. When I was a penguin defeated the deepest impression is only 24 years old at the time. Larry sat penguins on the bench, helmets, gloves and protective clothing are not picking up holding his head, seems to be the silent tears. Next season, however, his team and he will be in Detroit.