The first woman coach who has a strong face and a strong team of Raiders.

Rugby has always been a sport of men’s blood, but that doesn’t stop good women from becoming elite rugby players. After the Raiders paid a lot of money to recruit Jon Gruden as coach, Gruden recruited a large number of sages to his coaching team, including the Oakland Raiders Style jerseys. A female coach Kelsey Martinez.

Like Gruden’s new runner-up coach Jamal Singleton and Secret Service coach Ricky Shahia, Kelsi Martinez is not a vase. The woman will be the strength and fitness coach of the raider, and the only female fitness coach in the NFL. In the current NFL league, only Buffalo Bill’s Catherine Smith and San Francisco 49’s Katie Sols are in the team’s coaching team. Martinez’s ability to be an attacker’s physical fitness and strength coach is inseparable.

Kelsey Martinez has just graduated from the University of Colorado. She has worked in a famous sports organization and helped baseball, softball, women’s tennis, and track and field athletes train in physical fitness and strength. Martinez also had similar work experience at the NFL Rookie Union Camp and the NFL veteran training program. Despite his youth, Martinez has a solid track record and excellent performance, which makes the Raiders happy to hire the woman coach to start a new team history.

Kelsey Martinez was thrilled to be a coach in the NFL: “The moment I heard the news, I jumped for joy and I thought,’Wow, that’s a big deal! Martinez said, “I am very excited to be one of the Raiders.”

Of course, the Raiders were happy to see the coach on the men’s rugby field. A good friend of the Chinese people, the line guard of the Oakland Raiders jerseys, and James Couser of Level 10 in Chinese thanked the team for bringing in such a coach.

“It’s a professional thing, the team recognizes Martinez and her abilities and she can help us train better. Here, it’s work, we don’t think about the difference between the sexes, we all think about how we can be better. James – Cook said.

Martinez has developed a number of special programs to train the attackers in strength and physical fitness. She helps the attackers keep up with Jon Gruden’s pace and helps the defenders become more fierce. And Martinez has set a new example for the NFL, opening the way for women to work there. Many women coaches like Martinez in fitness, fitness and strength training will be targeted by more NFL teams. As long as you’re good enough, women can compete with men to become NFL coaches because it’s an era of strength.

“Don’t limit yourself, and don’t use any other excuse to hide yourself. Do whatever you like. I found a job I liked, worked for the raiders, and assisted Jon Gruden in coaching. You can do all that. Why don’t you do this job? ” Martinez said.