March 3rd to 5, the 2017 fina Diving World Series (cheap nfl jerseys nike) will be unveiled at the water cube. The new Olympic “double gold king” Tingmao led out, talking about the upcoming debut in 2017, the Chongqing woman bluntly, “new period is coming, it means to face new difficulties and challenges, she will do our best to get good results.”

After the Olympic Games in Rio, Wu Minxia, Chen Ruolin have announced their retirement, Qin Kai, he and other veterans have left the national team, the Chinese nfl jerseys wholesale diving team reshuffle. The diving series of Beijing Railway Station is the first world class diving event held after the Rio Olympic Games in the country, but also the first appearance of the Chinese diving team Tokyo cycle lineup. No protection of the sisters, as the Olympic double gold king Shi Tingmao was on the stage, she shoulders the responsibility of a new sister.

Although there have been Wu Minxia and Hezi predecessors such as attention, Shi Tingmao rarely become the focus, but this does not hinder her growth, in the “new sister” under the title she has shown a mature side, at least in the changqiangduanbao facing the media when she did not stage fright, such as flow.


“Wu Minxia retired, he left the national team, and your partner in the double project changed, you can evaluate your nfl jerseys new partner?”

After the end of the Olympic Games in Rio, Chen Aisen retired, this time in addition to the Olympic Games, are young players, are very young, but are very capable, but also very talented.”
“You are 21 years old to enter the national team, the Olympic champion at the age of 25, do you feel sorry? “The Olympic Games is just a start for me, there are more difficulties waiting for me, the new Olympic cycle, which means that the new difficulties and challenges are waiting for me.”

“Have you ever thought about what to do after retirement? “I am now still is not other athletes, I think, I need to consider is to improve the skill, achieves more honor for the country.” Chongqing sister is so straightforward, look at this answer, firm and powerful.