Like thousands Ordinary people nfl jerseys of people, Liu Shuang for sale have a brilliant time is an ordinary man, dressed in clean and neat clothes, speak fluent Beijing cavity. This year 26 years old, he graduated from Beijing Information Technology College (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Institute of information”). In his eyes, Liu Shuang, the growth experience is bland.

Liu Shuanggaozhong studied in Beijing Fangshan middle school, mediocre. At that time, their academic performance is not very ideal, college entrance examination when the school is quite tangled.” He said, “the choice of Information Institute is also for many reasons, first of all in the field of school, it is close to home; secondly, he was more interested in electronics; finally, the excellent electronic professional college.”

In fact, Liu Shuang’s parents want him to become a teacher, a doctor or a policeman. For the son of this choice, parents said that in addition to support no other way, big idea they are let me decide, this is my parents respect me.” Liu Shuang said, he also has a police dream, but was forced to give up because of nfl jerseys for sale unsatisfactory results.

However, the choice of electronic professional can be regarded as another round of Liu dream. Junior high school, Liu Shuang wanted to enroll in the juvenile electronic technician certificate interest class, “at the time of registration is not a lot of people, I tell parents that their parents want to report, erhuamoyue promised.” Under the guidance of the interest class teacher, Liu Shuang assembled a radio, “finally heard it out, I was particularly pleased, but also issued a small certificate.” The first “shock” success, no doubt to Liu Shuang’s choice of electronic professional foreshadowing.

After entering the Beijing Institute of information studies, Liu Shuang’s love of electronics and to another level. He often on the weekend about a good friend Feng Xue to go shopping, but they are not shopping malls, but the electronic market in Zhongguancun. “More than 8 o’clock in the morning we go out, take the bus more than and 40 minutes on the way to Zhongguancun, in new and old electronic market in sargaxahai until three or four in the afternoon, noon eat not, afternoon back to school to find a place to eat.”

In the electronic market, Liu Shuang saw electronic products any interested to play it, pulling the shopkeeper asked asked the west to the east. Once, Liu Shuang to a sensor is put down, with their own pocket money to buy one, back to school on the Internet, a tinker, and finally can apply. “Is not always so lucky, some things to buy back, how does also do not understand.”

Speaking at the time of the nfl jerseys free shipping experience, Liu Shuang still reveals the happy face, “I will revisit time now, inside turn on lap two to see if there is no interest in things, but now I am busy at work, there are good things not to buy, no time to tinker with the.”

In 2009, Beijing Institute of information the first time to participate in the National Skills Competition occupation colleges, Liu Shuang and two other teammate Liu Jiahe Feng Xue on behalf of the school to participate in the competition, eventually won the vocational group of electronic product design (Group) first prize. Won the first prize in the national tournament will undoubtedly become Liu Shuang life in a pen.

The teacher led Chen Jiang talked about has graduated 3 years Liu Shuang said: “the most outstanding advantage of Liu Shuang’s hand is more flexible, made out of something more beautiful and practical, learning ability and executive ability is very strong, good character, and strong team spirit.”

When it comes to another teacher led million Liu Shuang winter, full of gratitude, “winter teacher particularly high demands on me, asked the circuit 1 hours must take out, walk the line and regular circuit and the other is not the same, as long as there is a little problem, all over, if you want to know where to go to the investigation will take the wrong a few times, the proportion of new take the time.”