Perhaps nobody can imagine, two weeks before the season was not able to harvest a touchdown in the Cincinnati tigers actually will be the Green Bay Packers home court battle forced into overtime. In addition to the technical and tactical issues, perhaps the temperature of the game also affected the package team players to some extent. The Olympic Stadium, known as the “frozen tundra”, steamed saunas for the packers and tigers players on Sunday afternoon.

Play balle or sauna?

With the kick-off of the game when the real-time temperature of 31.7 degrees Celsius, the game officially became the Green Bay Packers in the history of the Fort Fort stadium at the most hot temperatures opened a game.

Since 1959, when the packers began recording the kick-off temperatures, the team had never played at temperatures above 29.4 degrees celsius. The 29.4 degree race wasn’t actually played in green bay. In the 1994 season, the packers every season in the city of Milwaukee County Stadium two home court game. The kick-off of the September 10, 1978 game against the saints in New Orleans reached 29.4 degrees celsius.

The actual highest pre – kick-off temperature at Portland stadium was 28.9 degrees Celsius for the packers in October 6, 1963 against the Losangeles rams. Since 1959, the packers have had only 7 home games with temperatures exceeding 26.7 degrees celsius.

Today is a game with cold tigers game time temperature Bilanbao history of the whole high temperature of 56.7 degrees celsius. In December 31, 1967, the Dallas Cowboys carried out a “ice bowl” war at Fort Worth and packers in the weather of minus 25 degrees celsius.

The Packers’ game in the hottest days in history has been on the road. In 1978 against the Santiago lightning team and in 2003 against the Arizona Cardinals two away games are at 38.9 degrees centigrade. And last week’s opening of the week, the Jacksonville Jaguar match also tied the team’s third high temperature in the history of the game – 32.2 degrees celsius.