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In memory of Stan Lee falcon, wearing a special jersey and sneakers. nfl football universe and superhero universe seem to be two parallel worlds. But in yesterday’s NFL arena, the two universes were silent for the death of the same person. On November 19, Beijing time, during the Atlanta Falcon […]

2018 NFL China flag football match

2018 NFL China’s Flag Football North District finals in Beijing hot war. After a three-month contest, the champion teams from Beijing, Jinan, Nanjing (subordinated to the North District) and Harbin finally competed fiercely in Beijing Dongdan Sports Center. Many foreign teams came to Beijing thousands of miles away, bringing a […]

NFL Jerseys Thanksgiving Day Carnival opens

Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival created by the American people. It is also a holiday for Americans to gather together. There was no fixed date for Thanksgiving at first, and was decided by the states of the United States. In 1863, after the independence of the United States, President […]

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Spurs sell forward Kaine NFL jerseys overpriced fans do not buy it. Although the Mexican Bowl had to be moved to Los Angeles for venue reasons, NFL’s exploration of overseas markets has never stopped, and their years of investment in the London Bowl seems to have paid off a little, […]

China’s first women’s nfl football team

We are Polaris girls. We want to set up China’s first women’s football team jerseys. In this year’s NFL waist flag North China Competition, several girls of our team attracted a lot of attention. Let’s tell you aloud: We are the Polaris Team of Liaoning Experimental Middle School! Training is […]

Runner up Le’Veon Bell jerseys officially missed the 2018 season. The annual drama around Le’s Veon Bell and Pittsburgh Steelers finally came to an end. As expected, Bell did not sign a $14.45 million label contract from Steelers before Tuesday’s deadline. According to the existing labor agreement, Baer has been […]

NFL Jerseys sold on Mexico line

The Mexico bowl was cancelled because of the site. NFL officials announced on Tuesday that due to poor lawn conditions at Aztec Stadium, the Kansas Chiefs’Monday night game against the Los Angeles Rams in Mexico City next week will move back to Los Angeles. This means that the original “Mexico […]