There are two People do not wholesale nfl jerseys Spaniards, one is free shipping in the crossroads Blanco, one is called Ortega. Although they are the same age, but also neighbors, but the family is very far apart. Blanco’s father is a businessman, live in villas, open luxury cars. Ortega’s father is a street vendor, live in shacks, on foot.

Since childhood, Blanco’s father just said to his son: “the child, what do you want to grow up, if you want to be a lawyer, I will let my private lawyers teach you to be a good lawyer, he is a famous lawyer; if you want to be a doctor, I will let my doctor teach your medicine, he is our highest medicine doctor here; if you want to be an actor, I send you to the best art school, find the best writers and directors to give you tailored role, never let you when the protagonist; if you want to be a businessman, then I will teach you how to do business, you know. Your dad is not a small businessman, but a big businessman, as long as you are willing to learn nfl jerseys direct supply, I will teach you all the business experience!”

Ortega’s father always said to his son: “the child, the father’s ability is limited, the family was poor, can not give you much help, so I can teach you how to set up a stall, and then can’t teach you anything. You told me to go to school in addition to stall, the other is to also want to white ah!”

The two children all remember their father’s words. Blanco first applied for a professional lawyer, did not learn a few days, he felt the lawyer’s work is too monotonous, simply not suited to his character. He thought, anyway, there are other things you can do, so he turned to study medicine. Because every day to deal with those patients, the most needed is patience, not long after, he felt the doctor’s career seems to be not suitable for him. So, he thought, when the actor must be the most fun, but soon after, he knew that when the actor is really too hard. Finally, he had to learn to do business with his father, but at this time, his father’s company because of the financial crisis and bankruptcy.

In the end, Blanco did nothing.

Ortega and his father put a few days after the stall, cried and refused to go, because like sun and rain do not say, also often zaorenbaiyan. However, in addition to the thought of a street vendor, never do anything, he crustily skin of her father. However, he did not do a few days, he could not stand, and noisy and refused to go. Because nothing can be done, and soon, he started with his father.

Slowly, he found from a stall, stall to never out of work, have to carefully set the stall. As a result, a few years later, he finally owned his own store. 30 years later, he owned his own clothing group. Today, the group of 68 countries in the world has a total of 3691 stores, has become the world’s second largest clothing retailer. Ortega (Amancio Ortega) to 25 billion U.S. dollars of personal assets, ranked in 2010, the world’s richest list of the world’s top ninth in.

People do not die in despair, but often planted in the crossroads.

In fact, life, the choice is not the more the better, because more than the idea, but can not adhere to the end. But those who have no choice but to go one way to the end, the final success.

Remember that a winter vacation, with experiences from parents to a fast-food restaurant work, serving the close, began to feel interesting, then jianjue boring. During the period, met a kitchen chopping guy, his name is Chen Kangxi, I still remember. When the rest idle boring, they used to carry out the English word book look, perhaps is because of this move, Chen Kangxi take the initiative jerseys different nfl color to come and talk to me. That chat, his age and I almost, from rural Anhui, graduated from junior high school is out of work, doing several stores, now finally in this house, because this company offered him a small room with a single to him, so that he can have a good learning environment.

Originally, he is now preparing to participate in the adult college entrance examination, asked me a lot of questions about that. I helped him a lot of information, print out to him, he was very excited. The last day I work, he invited me to his home, in fact, is a small room of less than six square meters, in addition to a bed, a chair, a table, almost nothing else. And he said to me, a year later, when he had enough money to go to an English school in Guangzhou run by Li Yang, to improve my English, and then he showed me the school of advertising, ask me how I am. I didn’t say anything. I remember that night I said little, do not know why. Later, when he left, I asked him how to contact him, he said he had no mobile phone, where has been changed, it is possible to store can find him.

A year later, I went back to the fast food restaurant. I didn’t find him. That’s one of the things I’m sorry about all these years. Perhaps, he really went to Guangzhou, and now also participated in the college entrance examination, went to his dream of the university every day. Or, perhaps, he realized the reality, and went back to work. Again, if I told him at that time, the school did not say that the ads are good, so expensive is not worth it, it would be good for him.