These days I move to pick up over the old things to carry off all that one has a thick, pulls out a notebook.People who don’t wear The open view, above densely filled with words, seven years ago the work log, pass through a kind of feeling. I have always had the habit of writing, that is, what is the Authentic Ravens Football Jerseys sentiment will readily write down. But the book re turn to the end, only to see a word: tired, want to leave are boring. The book of records of all work is: one day a month, about a joint venture with the Korea Companies, the drafting of a cooperation agreement; a day trip to Qingdao, to discuss the project; one day a month, the company shoot videos, write copy……

I couldn’t help laughing when I saw myself, but I didn’t seem to have any other day. Even a sentimental words are not, some do not meet my this literary style, but the years that I am. I remember once went to a company to talk about cooperation, dinner and several executives, including a manager joked: “today we are beautiful enough to feast the eyes drink Authentic Ravens Football Jerseys wine together, get drunk.” I spoil the enthusiasm to say: “I’m sorry, I do not drink, or talk about the next step of cooperation.” The boss face dumbfounding: “don’t worry, wait till after dinner.” I pursued the meal: “I want to go back, but also have something to do tomorrow, let’s talk over dinner.” The other side of the conservation is very good, did not show the color of the unhappy, but his face is clearly written in a sentence: this person is really boring. At the end of the meal, we talked about all the details of the cooperation.

At that time, I had only two words in my mind: work, work and work…… Starting early in the morning from home, on the train will think about what to do on this day what to do, which calls to the drafting of what. Come back at night, have been exhausted, but lying down when reading, but also in the day to see if there is no perfect Authentic Ravens Football Jerseys place. I am not a work mad, so fight, part of the reason is afraid to live up to the trust of the boss, in fact, more for their own. In order that they have not been chosen, but can have the opportunity to choose life. In fact, which women do not want their years quiet good? Sleep to get up shopping, The sun is three poles high., coffee, and bestie about lunch. All this, all need to have enough capital to make an impression.

One day, a husband must face said: “you did not look at my days.” I was a little surprised, looked up Authentic Ravens Football Jerseys at him, but there is a sense of trance. I felt a pang, yeah, forget the last time hug and husband. As a wife, I was a bit too much; also just a moment of guilt, I turned and put into the work…… Fortunately, in this world, never lack of people who dream of wind and rain. Last winter, I interviewed just returned from the European tour Xinjiang singer Parr hart. I asked: “you this way, the most difficult is when? There have been a loss, lonely, lonely and helpless?”

The end of the phone, Parr Hart sounds a bit sad, he said: “about ten years ago, I sing in the bar, the bar of the environment is not very good at that time, the quality of some of the guests is very low, the noisy, throw beat beat, that moment, I feel very sad. Every day in front of a group of people who do not understand music, singing, I feel sorry for my music, I am sorry for myself. I ran to the supermarket, bought a bunch of eating and drinking, more than a month did not go out, hiding in the home painting……” The phone, my tears brim over with tears. He’s in the Authentic Ravens Football Jerseys mood, I know. In a place where no one knows the art of singing, he probably can only be a background wall. But when this world, he also did not say “no” power, in addition to, and not too many choices.

That day, Parr also talked about hatti he has just received an award of Holland “Prince Claus Award”, he could not Authentic Ravens Football Jerseys conceal his joy: “I know this award or precious, at the awards site: Koninklijk Paleis, I sang three songs, very honored.” His voice, there are happy, proud, there is calm – the kind of calm, is finally arrived at the shore of the relaxed. Yes, we are not Jia Baoyu, did not come to this world with jade, not born as well. Want to live the life you want, you must go through those boring days.

In the pursuit of their own dreams on the road, has never been plain sailing, not easy, and even very boring. But no hard life, after all, pale, no prosperous too dull after all superficial. Many people are after many years to qualify for their love of life. Looking back on the past, I am full of gratitude. In the past few years, I do executives, when editing, writing a column, every time I go all out, every time I stand on tiptoe to go on…… And it is those seemingly boring time, in order to achieve stable and easy life. Through that time, you will find that everything had a dream, fate is thing for you.