1997 winter, Qigihar Perfect life browns nike jerseys. Zhang 2016 in the systemWei from the primary school in the school office, along the path, hundreds of times into the grey door. After a long time he recalled that day, there is still a bit of magic color. The dull, huge roar of the machine, which never seemed to stop, disappeared, and he saw the silent crowd round the familiar wall. There have been photos of my father and mother, the following red five-star symbol of the characters – advanced workers.

The restless silence did not last long, and the crowd began to stir. “Why don’t we do it?!” “To survive, to eat!” “With them!”

He looked through the cracks in the crowd, red paper on the glass. Names of the dense fine print writing in a father.

Touch the sky the chimneys scattered black smoke, the sky began to snow.

That winter Zhang Wei learned a new word, “laid off”. If a word has weight, he almost see it bent the father’s back.

The family have been farmers for generations. The land was jerseys china factory both generous and mean, and when he returned home, he saw his grandparents bend over to sow and reap, and their waist was never straight, with a slight arc.

Grandpa is most proud of his father to the school, so he became the first person to go out of the countryside family. Father know the same mother in the factory, and then get married, from single quarters into welfare housing, when the foreman, as director……

He was like many people in this city of heavy industry, think this is your life, even the son and grandchildren life.

In the winter of 1998, parents began to quarrel violently. All the skills of his father depended on the line that had been going on for many years. He was like a screw in the industrial city machine. In this city full of laid-off workers, he could not find a decent job.

“Don’t look down on me,” he said. “When he gets drunk, he gets very angry. He holds a bottle and points to his mother.” if it’s not for you, can you stay?!”

Zhang Wei is not at home to small changes of ignorance. He can find the family’s financial crisis from the slow food, gradually from the atmosphere of silence in the parents feel tension, but it all not to see his father riding a tricycle passenger came a shock.

He stood awkwardly in the crowd, not shout a loud showmanship, Zhang Wei’s first reaction to hide in the crowd.

Never underestimate Chinese cheap jerseys online people sad endurance. Soon, his father used to smoke the poor quality of cigarettes, the mother used to pick up the tailor’s work. That year the Spring Festival, they went back to grandma’s house, one family as he was returning to the dumplings, meat stuffing son incense flipping swallow slobber, parents and chat on rare, until the famous TV comedy actor said:

“Workers to think for the country, I do not lay off who laid off.”

Suddenly dead silence.


When Zhang Wei was in college, he left the city and went to the capital he had been longing for. Poor, is a carved on the bones of things, like the old shoes and a profound sense of insecurity, the more cover more obvious.

He works harder than anyone else, because he knows what’s going to happen.

Seven years of university life enough to change you a lot, he is good enough to get a scholarship, research, found a beautiful girlfriend; he learned to pack their own, this is not too obvious to eliminate the local accent, and learned the city together……

The graduation song someone jokingly sang “start again”, on the screen, the famous singer shaking her hair in the wind and rain, to drink half drunk he suddenly burst into tears.

He remembered that his father went to live in the snow, a winter hand covered with black and red frostbite; think of mother with low waisted sewing cloth, always pick the most remote places stall, occasionally meet acquaintances panic incessantly to escape……

All of the interpretation of the poetic life is a kind of ignorance and arrogant cruelty.

After graduating from Zhang Weishun was admitted to the wishes of parents, all the envy of the civil servants, get a number of precious beijing. Can not say that he never thought of doing something you love, but what he need a safe. It is like a hot air balloon with a needle, let the flying dream silently disappear in the air.

Zhang Wei back to the Spring Festival, the silence of many words could not conceal his parents happy, everyone is happy for him.

As if he were holding a golden immortal bowl.


When Zhang Wei’s girlfriend graduated from graduate school, the employment situation was so bad that she didn’t find the right job. Fortunately, his girlfriend has a uncle, is a three tier university leadership, he said, now, come to our school graduation.

“Girl, when the teacher is good, can take care of the home.”

So his girlfriend concentrate on Cobb, the delay time of employment. Zhang Wei’s work in fifth years, they married, depend on the preferential policies, he bought at the market price couldn’t match the house in Haidian District, the subway to her school and his office.

Family, career, follow the prescribed order. She is reading, he goes to work, life is calm, no waves.

Though he had not learned anything for a long time, Zhang Wei still had a fixed income; he forgot about 80.