Ten years later, I finally accepted the straight line between two points of the line is the most common reason.Pick autographed tennessee titans jerseys Remember the first time in the classroom listening to the math teacher here is immersed in reading novels, I could not help but the heart that little rebellious is the most meaningful thing, down quietly and said: “no! He’s not right.” On a piece of paper, ran countless possibilities, in addition to dull line between two points, there is always more shortcut to new adventures, to explore. Besides this, there are so many unknown parts of the world, wonderful options elsewhere, moonlight, why we die a follow the direction of the sea, to chase those look almost like the tide?

I don’t want to live like that, don’t want to day after day, but don’t want to lose personality between so-called two points. I would like to enjoy the process more thoroughly than I have arrived at the destination. So in adolescence the most valuable time, I spent a lot of time to read books scattered, make friends around, swinging, in a variety of autographed tennessee titans jerseys hobbies for comfort. I learned to dance, but only one fur, laughing to recall. I learned how to draw, but a total of not more than three months, the final draw lazy is often mistaken for grey wolf. I try to sow their own wishes in every way of life, but only the seed, after the watering, fertilization, pruning, I quickly forget the back of my mind, and then do not miss.

The university that year, I started writing in the journal, and then the author with the QQ group of close friend L. We chatted about the dream, planning for the future, I was surprised to find her, even in the last five years have been marked goal in life: to the United States to do the exchange, every two years, a book for the film autographed tennessee titans jerseys rights of their own to take before the age of 28.

“What about you?”

“I…… I don’t know. Take a step.”

There is a well-known phenomenon in cognitive psychology, called “confirmation bias, that is, too much attention to support their decision-making information, so as to blindly believe that any other contrary to the view is not desirable. To me, the two words “persistence” and “attention” is the paradox of the mask of hypocrisy. For life, I always take this attitude. Not much ambition, laziness, procrastination, chop and change at the beginning, end out of order, these are often the case. Although occasionally think that low efficiency of slow progress, but suddenly autographed tennessee titans jerseys think, even leisurely walk in the beautiful landscape of different curve also can harvest other space, will allow my wayward presumptuous.

L is exactly the opposite of me. In her world, no loose three days fishing nets two days of drying, did not feel difficult to give up easily retreat, she is very harsh, determined to achieve the goal, even if the road twists and turns but also to find ways to achieve. I met her when she was in college in Taiwan, Chinese, will knot class to a nearby cafe volunteer on weekdays, while listening to the guests with a tray down side beam with joy chitchatting, patience the plot, such night and then processed into short stories of true to life. Many times, in her words, I can feel autographed tennessee titans jerseys those feelings from different soul turned into a butterfly, the plop, flew into the heart.

Apart from the summer vacation, she probably insisted for eight months, and is rapidly above a level of brain hole during that time, growth from the inside of the fresh, make her feel surprise.

Hu Shi said that life does not have the meaning, you have to be able to give him what meaning, he has what autographed tennessee titans jerseys meaning. What is the meaning of life and meditation all day long, it is better to try this life to do something meaningful.

December 31, 2012, she gave me a message, after today, she is about to start a new life. I learned that the original in my nest in the dorm watching Korean muddle along without any aim, interdental brush Taobao, L wholeheartedly in the IELTS exam, final with a score of 7 was sent to the United States to do school exchange students. Now want to come, if the 2012 really is the end of the world, that our ending is not mentioned in the same breath, she would rejoice in Enron for reincarnation, and I’m full of regret, because of those who have not reached and unwilling, dreams autographed tennessee titans jerseys and had to die complain loudly about an alleged injustice.

After L went to the United States, we had little contact. She is continuing to study, I continue to busy with the brush. Our daily slowly only through the micro-blog or circle of friends to care about each other, the only common point between each other, only to write. She is different, every day in the evening before the break at the first written, no matter how many words, even in practice for the purpose, she will make a cup of tea sitting at the keyboard fingers in the dance. As for me, the daily snacks soak in the heap, facing a blank word moment back to the pupils to autographed tennessee titans jerseys do homework procrastination, could not have slept under a magical A dream will help me get to the brain, directly to the most beautiful chapter elaborate on the computer.

Nevertheless, I still continue to divert attention to comfort yourself, you see, it is not hard. I go to learn make-up, we have a kind of follow the teacher to each other when the eyebrow, I ate on the table at the side of Macarons. I go to school with a roommate to broadcast vocal teaching downstairs a few days early, they vowed never to back that hate tongue twisters. I went to learn photography, back to the camera and finally find a beautiful place with a beautiful scenery, but few places, but began to complain about the camera is too heavy,