This year the Tampa Bay pirates cheap nfl jerseys china are one of the 8 league teams that could have been chosen by HBO as a tough guy training camp. Recently the team officials believe that the team will be the last choice HBO.

Pirates of the management team, said the team and the league has said that if the team will be selected to cooperate very well, but they are still waiting for the final answer.

Choose the latest HBO need to meet many requirements, first the last 2 seasons have not entered the playoffs, no new coach, in the past few years does not appear in the series, apparently all with pirates.

As a player in the Raiders twice to win the super bowl, as a scout to help the other Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks team established Derek Jensen with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). After five years, closed his eyes, at the age of 60.

As the 1978 nine round show, Jensen spent all his life in the Raiders, who served as running guard, all cheao jerseys china Wei, near front and secret service captain. The most memorable moment comes from the eighteenth Super Bowl: the cover kick and back to the attack.

“Derek is the representative of the perfect raider, who will always be a part of the silver legion.” Mark, the Raiders’ boss, said: “the whole family of Raiders will miss him so much that he will be inspired by our prayers in the days of.”

After retirement, Jensen has been a scout work in the Seahawks, and lived in Seattle for 22 years, until they retired was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

In contrast, the fire team, although the team lost to the back to back the team, but the game took the king or let the team occupy a favorable position. On the offensive end, two first team Sean Monaghan and Jonny Goodlo in the past 8 games together contributed 5 goals and 11 assists, but two people a total of only 1 assists in 3 games recently fetched. However, the three group of Chris – Voss Teague scored in the 8 game of the ball sent out 6 assists, the continuation of the previous good state, to a certain extent, make up for a group of offensive setback problem of 2.

“He is an important part of the Seahawks organization,” general manager John Schneider said, “he can be our model. There are a lot of behind the scenes NFL, he’s one of them. Everyone likes to go to school with him, to observe the potential shares, after the end of the work together to drink, etc..”

In addition to the pirates, the Chicago bears, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Philadelphia Brown pony eagle, Baltimore, New Orleans saints and Tennessee crow titans are likely to be the final choice.

Backcourt, the three giants of the team still heroics, T.J. Brody in the past 8 games sent 6 assists, wholesale Captain Mark – Jim Dannuo 5 assists, his partner Dougie Hamilton scored two goals in the playoffs, the three of them will be on the team’s prospects to flame decisive role.

The goalkeeper position, main Blaine – Elliot in the face of continuous game duckling was an opponent off the hook, so the possibility of the team still sent defender Jon Gillies is not small, on the face of the king of the game, but faced 28 shots made 27 saves, lightly loose in the occupation career debut win victory.