Steelman Celebrity expressed disappointment at the team’s upheaval: Big should have been a better leader

With the continuous fermentation of Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys’storm, more and more people come forward to express their views.

Heins Ward is the latest person to express his “disappointment” about these storms.

While agreeing with Steeler General Manager Kevin Colbert that quarterback Ben Rossberg is the team’s undoubted leader, Ward also believes that better leadership skills are needed.

“I’m disappointed to hear all these off-site storms about Pittsburgh Steelers nfl jerseys, which I’ve never seen before,” Ward said of the news about guard Leviant Bell and outsider Antonio Brown. “Unfortunately. Elite players like Levian Bell and Antonio Brown will not be on the team next season. But yes, Ben is the leader of the team. He was a leader, and he did that. I just think he has to take the initiative to become a better leader. It’s not just public criticism of teammates on their own radio shows. He had to put criticism behind the scenes — treat them like — you know, we always say we’re brothers — like privately letting me know what I can do to improve my performance. You don’t have to say it publicly to let everyone know. So I think he has to be a better leader.

Although Brown and Bell dominated the public’s attention, Ben was criticized for his discord with Brown and the way he led the team.

Ward is not the first steel man to express disappointment with the current storm, and Jerome Bettis has made similar remarks before. Ward is not the first former Steeler to question Big Ben’s leadership. Emmanuel Sanders, now the outsider of the Denver Mustang, has a similar view.

Ward has been a teammate with Ben for eight years and Brown for two years. Now working at AAF, he hopes that Steelers will eventually return to what they used to be.