In life, I know a few “girl pretty fight”, they are “female man” image in front of others, what dare Ganpin, mentioning their names,Please put on the best others will say “Oh, she is too rough to live, not love when the little woman fall love do feisty female super man, I is drunk.” These authentic nike denver broncos jerseys girls are hard to live, they do not rely on other people to grow, to seek their own dreams.

Of course, the surrounding will appear such as “anyway, after efforts are authentic nike dallas cowboys jerseys not harvested, anyway, girls live better than a good marriage”, “anyway, not fair too many things to not use this kind of joke they sigh sound, in fact, this kind of minority girls but live more and more vigorous. Girls Lisa22 years old, she leaned on his dream and Sike insist, after graduating from college was admitted to a Southern China CCTV column group center work. From the south to the north of big city small city run college, the authentic nike denver broncos jerseys students would laugh at her, outsiders hear bad words, she laughed, because at that time she had no capital to fight back.

College, she went through a lot of a person’s time, a person practicing dance, a person practicing Mandarin, a person running, an individual interview, these countless one time made her very hard, but no way, she said that since the choice to stay in the big city as the independent girl, so it is necessary to withstand the test now. After graduating from college, she persuaded Lisa’s family returned home to work, but Lisa is not willing, she doesn’t want to own youth and blood is confined to small city not competitive. Lisa told me maybe she would come back to her home town, but before that, she authentic nike denver broncos jerseys just wanted to live a life of her own. Now, in the photo Lisa tall, bright and confident smile, also have their own love of the media, because the single parent families she know, live a little hard, is to avoid being bullied.

Born in Ningbo in 1993 the readers small stay tell me, as a girl she live so hard, because she did not want to be around you, as long as doing a girl that she should do business. Due to the small family stay a little patriarchal ideology, so she has two sisters and a brother, let small stay deep feelings was born in such a family, a girl with a little hard work, even if the future is to don’t depend on others, you can still survive and live well. The college entrance examination this year, small for performance in the exam did not let her admitted to the ideal university, the authentic nike denver broncos jerseys final choice of undergraduate English Majors in a normal university. Just entered the University, she also and a lot of students lost and lost, over and over again asked himself as an ordinary family girl, the future of the road where to go? For a month the confused period let her find that her dream is to be an English teacher.

Later, the small stay university planning for herself, she will study hard to get scholarships, will insist on every Saturday at reading and try to translate short of foreign literary works, Sunday will be a person of exercise speaking ability in the garden or gazebo. After graduating from college, she worked in a foreign trade company, every day wearing a dress on the heels in hard work. Just work soon, her boyfriend broke up, her boyfriend cheating let small stay more relaxed a bit, she must improve their height, and then to meet people of the same height. Small stay in foreign trade company after half a year to quit, also went to do the teaching assistant, found no competitive pressure to live too easy, and a few months later resigned, and cheap nike nfl jerseys authentic nike denver broncos jerseys ultimately she chose her own love of kindergarten teachers. Now, small stay to teach children English in an English school, has passed the qualification certificate of English translation, are doing every night to keep reading, learning guitar and the English interpretation certificate in hand.

Xiao Yan girl from Shaanxi is a rural ordinary girl, she was 20 years old, is trying to get upgraded in. Because she was not their parents adopt a child born, so Xiao Yan’s character is inferior and introverted, and spent her childhood in farming, should do housework and take care of younger siblings, pigs, sheep of rural children in these things. The junior middle school to the town after reading, a small Yan bought a gift to take home to their parents, but when she returned home greatly disappointed, parents are divorcing, Xiao Yan also witnessed their fight to smash things, even the father angrily said something very hurt her heart, to her, actually let Xiao Yan get out of the house to find their own parents.

Xiao Yan after listening to very sad, he ran out to the backyard crying. Xiao Yan came to comfort the mother after seeing this, the mother and daughter held together to cry, Xiao Yan mother said a lot of heart words to her, this let Xiao Yan feel mother care about their father, and authentic nike denver broncos jerseys said just angry words, Xiao Yan hope parents do not divorce, one family and happy days. After high school, the one thing that is touched by Xiao Yan in his life of a serious illness, for their parents never abandon companionship, which she moved at the same time also blame themselves have grown up, but also for their parents to worry about, while they cannot bring them happiness. After college, due to family conditions and limited capacity, small Yan only admitted to a general college. In school, she also has to improve their efforts to improve their own, although the competition has failed the scholarship, the examination of the book took two times to get, but these will not hinder her pursuit of dreams.