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In the vast universe, each person has only one chance to survive, is a unique, non repeatable existence. Fame, wealth and knowledge are merely worldly possessions, everyone for them, but no one can replace your life. After you die, no one can live for you again. If you are truly aware of this, you will understand that the most important thing in life is to live your own life and taste. Whether there is the Cardinals Jerseys Cheap meaning of your life, the standard is not worldly success but your peculiar insight into the meaning of life and your commitment to it, so that your self released flash individual brilliance. Rousseau said, “nature has made me, and I have broken the mold.”.” This sounds conceited, in fact, applicable to everyone. Unfortunately, most people can not put up with the loss of their own mold, so they used the public to re shape the mold again, the results become so similar to each other.

There are many people in the world, you can say that he is anything, for example is a kind of occupation, a kind of identity, a role, but not his own. If a person always in accordance with the Cardinals Jerseys Cheap views of others, not their own independent thinking, always busy for external affairs, do not have their own inner life, then, he said he is not himself had wronged him. Indeed, from his head to his soul, in which you have not that truly belongs to him. He is just a machine, a shadow and the affairs of others.

Love to love, a gift to the rich. To those who are happy in their lives, they must be filled with the joy of life. A person who does not love himself, will not be a lovely person, also can not really love others. He took their resentment to the Cardinals Jerseys Cheap people there, even if he is to do good, his resentment is revealed in every one of his works, added to injury. People who benefit from a self pity, and even more uncomfortable than this thing?

Sympathy between man and man, and love. So, good to help others mercy and gallant self sacrifice the world. However, everyone is still a biological and psychological individual, most of the theory that only I can most truly aware. In this sense, for each individual, he is most concerned about is his own, the world’s most concerned about his or his own. To be more concerned about others than himself, to others than to care about him, are contrary to the biological and psychological characteristics of the individual. The conclusion is that everyone should be independent. One must have an independent personality. You certainly can not be divorced from social life and others, but you can not blindly climbing buildings and others in the Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale community. You want to take root in the soil of your life. You have to leave your own anchor at the sea of life. If a person only depend on their Shenwai things, even very good things, well maybe not see his inner emptiness, lack of foundation, once the storm, such as social unrest, career setbacks, bereavement, romance, etc., will Yijuebuzhen and even mental breakdown.

The impermanence of the world makes ancient sages advocated a number of retired sober, quietism, completely indifferent. I hate this kind of philosophy. I love to see people full of vitality to established career, infatuated to fall in love with great eloquence to enjoy life. But don’t forget the eagles jerseys main thing: you still belong to yourself. Everyone is a universe, everyone should have a self – sufficient spiritual world. This is a safe place, in which you are the most precious treasure, any disaster can not be infringed upon it. The heart is a strange book, not only income, spending all the pain and joy of life, have turned into valuable experience in the income column. Yes, even the pain is a kind of income.