Explain the record of each team with mathematics

The 2017 season has been over 9 weeks, and only 9 weeks of performance has allowed us to make some judgments about the final results of the players, coaches and teams this season. For example, we can believe that GF will become the quarterback Jia Reid, Losangeles rams in the next few years leader; the defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars will become the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger and tiger wide receiver AJ- Green’s nightmare; the New York giants badly sounded the alarm people, no offensive attack team is no future.

In the second half of the season, we can look at the data from the second half of the season. Although 8 or 9 games don’t sound like a lot, but by attacking the defensive total, almost every team has completed more than one thousand offensive / defensive, the amount of data accumulated is huge. Although data is not everything, but if you can choose the right data, we may be able to judge the real situation of the team. This method let me introduce a team winning the future forecast. Of course, the players’ trades, injuries, or the factors of the scene will affect the final results, but through these analyses we can also see some trends.

The expected value of the Pythagorean algorithm was first used in baseball jerseys online, with nearly 200 games the United States occupation Baseball League single season each team, so in half a season, nearly 100 games are relatively stable, the prediction effect is relatively good, and for the American football, although a small amount of data, and through this an algorithm, we can also to fuzzy prediction for the second half of the season. For example, if a team in the first half of the season winning percentage higher than their expected value that will be the possibility of Pythagoras, they lost in the second half of the season is relatively increased. And so far this season, the following five teams have the biggest difference.

Among these teams, the more interesting is dolphins. The 2016 season, their final grade is higher than the Pythagorean expectation, they won 10 games, but in the end points is -17, which is a small game win or lose. Now it seems that the 2017 season of bad dolphins can actually win 4 is really good luck, for example in Losangeles against lightning, if not lightning Korean kicker missed 44 yards out of English football jerseys, will lose the game with the Titans dolphins; during the war, the Titans quarterback Marcus Mario due to injury. If the backup quarterback Matt Cassell sent a note to drop the ball, dolphins to seize the opportunity to return touchdown, they are also difficult to win. The other two victories actually is not the strength is higher than the opponent’s game: Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan fourth steals last time was to keep the dolphin’s victory, and the New York jets last defense crash sent 17 points to help the dolphins successful comeback gift. Maybe in the second half of the season, the dolphins attack team can improve, but the team still has a lot of problems on the whole.

The hawks with excellent results may also have a lot of people unable to understand on this list, but in fact, by the Pythagorean expectation, the winning season is 13.4, and still a very eye-catching achievement. In terms of data, to make a team of Pythagoras expectations reached the Hawks’ current 8 wins and 1 losses (89%), the average team needs to achieve nearly 2.5 times higher than the opponent scores. But in the real game, when a big lead, the team will also slow down the pace attack, the defense will be relatively relaxed, leaving a little face to the opponent; through Pythagoras expectations of more than 89% winning defensive teams by averaging to suppress opponents 10-15, it is possible to attack the group in the “only” averaged 25-40 under the condition of achieving this goal.

The list of negative matches, of course, is the negative difference list, and the teams on the list are most likely to improve their results in the second half of the season.