Once a year the NFL spring meeting nfl sports jerseys china is held in Feinikesi, the meeting is basically in the Raiders left Oakland to move to Las Vegas city to vote matters, on the eve of the meeting, NFL President Roger Goodall said in an interview that his success of Raiders moved to Las Vegas to be optimistic.

“I think we’re going to vote, and I think it’s going to be more optimistic. I think we’re in a good situation.” Godell said. The NFL team bosses will come together to have at least 24 votes on the relocation, Las Vegas to usher in a NFL team. Mr Roger did not support the Raiders’ move, but at the time of the vote, Mr Godell said that he had changed his mind. Not only that, there are already a lot of NFL team chiefs said he would fully support the Raiders move, Green Bay Packers CEO Mark – Murphy is so expressed.

“I think there will be some controversy, especially as a result of Las Vegas’s market. I think Las Vegas is one of the top cities in the United States, and if they leave Oakland, then Las Vegas has a bigger market. I will support this issue and let it pass.” Murphy said. Of course, there are other senior team members to express their confidence in the relocation of the Raiders through an anonymous statement.
“There are no other obstacles in front of us, and there will be no other resistance. We’ll get through this as soon as possible, and that’s a good thing for the whole league and the raiders.”

The Brown manager said Oswald Wheeler would leave

April is approaching, Bullock still in the Cleveland team Brown Oswald vhailor is really surprising. The former Dezhou quarterback Houston in the last season with the most embarrassing performance to prove himself in the NFL team has been hit not starting, so Dezhou people huataijiaqian Oswald vhailor as a warning for the future will be sent to Cleveland Brown, in fact, vhailor position in Cleveland as well as its not really embarrassed, Brown. But there is no team want to take over Aus Ville, so Brown’s coach Hugh Jackson reluctantly said cheap nfl jerseys the team has been doing a good job, stay ready to vhailor.

Hugh Jackson said if Oswald Wheeler can stay in the list, he would have been a member of his Oswald Brown Wheeler as well trained, apparently Jackson had prepared.

“Obviously he will stay, he is a member of our team, and we train him in our own way, as we did with our other four points. Unless one day he’s not our player.” Hugh Jackson said, although not want to admit such a bad player, but Jackson can only be arranged, ready.

“He came here, because the reasons for the transaction, we are not from the position and views on football and he deeply explored, but once we start the offseason for the project, we will have the chance to know him, and he will understand our vhailor.”

Because of various circumstances, Aus Ville Brown in the Cleveland team opened the new jerseys china season may be very large, in the habit of many disaster type quarterback, Hugh Jackson Oswald vhailor has relieved the.