Voting List for Professional Bowl Fans

The fan voting channel of the Orlando Professional Bowl in 2019 was officially closed yesterday, and the NFL official announced the details of the fan voting today. In the final stage of the vote, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Briss held the lead, leading the league with 1270,631 votes, winning the title of Professional Bowl Ticket this season.

Kansas City Chiefs second-year quarterback Patrick Maholms, despite the league’s top “traffic”, was second only to Briss in the fan vote with a margin of 70,000 votes (1197,370 votes). New York Giants rookie runner Savan Buckley (987,562 votes) ranked third in the League against Los Angeles Rams runner Todd Gerley (95,7052 votes) and fifth in the League against Rams quarterback Jared Gough (83,8561 votes).

The sixth place was surprising. Ikizel Elliott, who failed to make it into the top ten in the last stage, finally got the sixth place Professional Bowl fans’Jerseys (827888 votes) with his recent excellent personal performance and gimmicky celebration. The seventh and eighth place were Pittsburgh Steelers’double stars: James Connor (81,7495 votes) and Antonio Brown (77,8630 votes); Saints’ runner-up Alvin Camara (77,6846 votes) and Sheikh’s outsider Terek Hill (75,3981 votes), ranking down one by one, squeezing Hill’s teammate, close-end Tel Avis-Kelsey (74,5416 votes) out of the top ten. It is worth mentioning that, with the exception of Brice, Gerley and Brown, the other seven in the top ten have entered the Alliance for less than three years. It seems that on January 27, 2019, Orlando is bound to have a storm of youth.

In addition to the top ten lists, NFL officials jerseys china also released the top names of the League of America and the United States in every position of the fans’vote. Today, NFL players and coaches began to vote. The League will announce the final list of professional bowls on December 18, combining the votes of fans, players and coaches. Let’s take a look at the voting results of the fans first.

Of course, for the players who want to compete for the playoffs, it’s not Orlando that they want to go to, but Atlanta.