To the end of the 2017 cheap jerseys from china season, Bracey 16 years of occupation career, from 66111 yards and 465 touchdowns, two historical figures are among the third, behind the two legends, Manning and Bret faffe. Bracey Bimanning late to enter the League for three years, while Manning retired a year later, he just behind Manning for 5829 yards and 74 touchdowns.


Although there are some difficulties for 74 touchdowns gap, he broke Manning’s passing record in the next two years, is That’s final.. The most valuable is not only career passing yards to break the record, Bracey to date, 66.6% of the hit rate is the best in history, this is like in NBA, but also the hit rate of scoring champion, or the best striker in football, but also the hit rate of shooting champion, it is almost impossible to achieve what. Even more commendable is that Bracey 11 years in the saints, without considering the front side and running guard, the saints have never been selected for the past two years, a professional bowl of the outer take over in the past 11 years. In contrast, Manning had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Rodgers Donald – side has derryville, Greg Jennings and Jody Nelson, the worst of the Brady, also worked with Weiss Welker and Randy Moss for several years. Bracey did not lead the team to win enough games, the champion has only once, this is the truth. But only from the performance, whether it is Manning Favre, or Brady Rogers, the overall performance of career can not be compared with Bracey.

In recent years, due to the poor performance of the saints, and even a voice that Bracey’s wonderful performance in the brush data, which is nonsense. Football is not basketball, players will not play the terrorist data, but the situation behind the team back. In fact, if only the offensive team, the saints every year is the league’s top level. The defense team was bad, but it wasn’t Bracey who could change. Another one quarterback, can not be so bad in the team defense situation, also play such a brave performance. On the contrary, as long as the team can play in the middle reaches of the defense, it is sufficient to rely on the offensive led by Bracey as a playoff team. If you do not have Bracey’s top performance, the saints may be 1 wins and 15 losses, 0 wins and 16 cheap nfl jerseys losses, rather than winning or losing 9. So Bracey played, is not comparable to the performance of other players, rather than what brush data.

Not only is the absolute leader in the field, on the sidelines, Bracey and his wife, Brittany is also a model couple. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and later to New Orleans, made a great contribution to two year after year for the reconstruction of the city of New Orleans, it also let Bracey join the saints in the first year, has been awarded to NFL off the largest contribution to the player’s Walter Payton award. The two of them met at college and got married in 2003 and are now the parents of the four children.

This is the story of the legendary Drew – Bracey, although already 38 years old, but Bracey and his senior year old, like, did not show any state of decline. 2016 season, the change of the saints defense team, want to give Bracey a greater motivation. Look forward to his continued performance in the new season, as much wholesale jerseys as possible to continue his legendary career.