Last season, the strength was gone

Last season, Oakland Raiders were absolutely successful, 12 wins and 4 losses record again after 14 years to return to the playoffs. But now they have suffered four successive defeats, was proud of the offensive team proud near misfiring, the morale of the team fell to the bottom.

At the beginning of the season, the offensive team coach Todd Downing was widely praised by the media, and his offensive team scored 35.5 points in the first two games. However, since the first third games, because the Raiders offensive slump swallowed four successive defeats, in four games, the offensive team averaged only scored 13.25 points, no game scoring more than 20 points. “It’s hard to be happy to see the performance of the last few weeks,” Downing said. “We’re going to spend this time together.”

Coach Rio admitted he entered the Raiders since the third season, and he also had to work the offensive team coach Musgrave to the same area as the offseason enemy Raiders quarterback coach, in order to compensate for this vulnerability, the young quarterback coach Downing was promoted to offensive team coach, although Downing has been with Derek Carle for many years, but the team apparently did not meet expectations.

The Raiders offensive team this season in addition to the luxury line, mainly by quarterback Derek Carle, wide receiver Cooper and Crabtree, Amari Sean Lynch Ma Wei Ran, this group of stars seemingly ye the offensive group now surrender the respondents to promote the total number of third passing yards, countdown countdown fifth, red ball code number eighth to last, a score of eighteenth.

Carle in the four game and missed fifth weeks of Barr Timo crow game, after sixth weeks of firing back but it is still difficult to recover. Amari Cooper a few games like stealth, most passing Raiders are limited. Downing pointed out that the lack of continuity is the reason of attack misfiring, “when you watch the video, you will find that we are running in a lot of the offensive team players too much, I know this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem, but this is a fact. We know that we will get more players involved in the attack and stand out in the game.”

The league only 6 rounds, Oakland Raiders jerseys wholesale have enough time to adjust, they next week in the home court against the Kansas City Chiefs jerseys, if Downing and his attack group is still not getting better, the raiders from the black hole and a step closer.