November 2nd 8 live video broadcast Raiders VS 49ers

Beijing time in November 2nd, the NFL2018-19 season officially entered the second half of the season. In the first game of ninth weeks, viewers will see a bay area than the derby. The San Francisco 49ers jerseys, which is 1 to 7, is facing the 1 wins and 6 negative Oakland raiders from across the Gulf. What kind of competition can the difficult brothers play in the last Bay Area derby? Rosen and Shu Hai are watching with you in the live broadcast room of Tencent.

Bay area than miserby

Last season, 49ers brought in attack coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who led the Falcons to the Super Bowl, as the new coach. In the middle of the season, they traded Brady as a substitute for Galopolo. After Galopolo started, the team won a wave of five consecutive wins, jumping from winning 10 to the hottest spot in the end-of-season league. The team makes Bay Area fans look forward to Gallo Polo playing for the 49 men in the 2018 season. However, Galopolo fell early in the third week, and 49ers who had been equally talented completely lost their resistance. After a wave of successive defeats, Galopolo came close to winning the championship.

And the Raiders? More frustrating! In the off season, Ngu Maolu finally laid off Super Bowl champion coach Jon Grouden for many years, but immediately after taking office, he let go the star kicker Marquette King in the off season, and dismissed more than ten years of outstanding player – Polish artillery Yanikovsky. Before the season began, the defender Mark Lille was traded to bear. In the middle of the season, he sent away Amy Cooper, who had trained for many years. The transformation of quarterback Carl has completely lost him, from the chattering character of the 2016 season to the point where he will be compared with his aquatic prime brother.

Perhaps seeing the success of fellow city team Warriors Steve Cole, the Raiders also brought in Gluden, a well-known coach who has been a commentator for many years from God’s perspective. But at the moment, this move has not worked at all. It’s a pity that Ma Sean Lynch chose nfl jerseys cheap to return to the champions.

This adds up to 2 wins and 13 losses of fish and grass dialogue, perhaps we can see NFL’s other elegant demeanor.

Where to go in the future

Forty-nine people have made up their minds to start rebuilding since they were invited to Shanahan, but Galopolo’s amazing performance has led to the illusion that the process of rebuilding has been speeding up a lot. But for 49ers themselves, they know it’s not easy to rebuild, step by step, and believe that we can see a better 49ers in the next two years.

The turbulent Raiders quickly turned from a champion to a team that needed to be rebuilt in two years, which was a source of humiliation. Perhaps this is the boss Mark – Davies wants the team to move smoothly to Las Vegas “Stratagem”? The Raiders now have a lot of high-ranking draft rights through a large number of transactions, and next year Gruden will be able to pick his favorite rookies at the draft conference at will.

The last Bay Area Derby

The Bay Derby is the last, if not the last, and will become history as the  head to Las Vegas in the 2020 season. So we must not miss the last Bay Area Derby engraved in our memory. Goodbye, you are still the 49 person in San Francisco. I am a Las Vegas Raider.