Xiu Xiu is my high school Remember the cheap nike nfl jerseys friends, the same for women original dream class spent three hard time. She studies hard, the result is very good, then admitted to the Beijing elite, now in my not far from the university graduate students, while in a 500 companies do interns. Xiu Xiu’s company in the field of IT is the premier global company of big brother, but she does HR Intern in there, and what seems to be her professional administrative management or what, anyway, with human or the IT does not take sides.

I asked her what you want to do, want to go to a luxury show that do business, because I heard that there is a 500 day treatment intern yuan, if when the official staff, certainly more money to count.

I asked her why do intern here, with a future and current situation are not a practice work, Xiu Xiu said she just want to mix a internship experience, the other is not important.

I asked what her plans for the future, ready to quit this year show that go back to practice writing papers, and then find a practice that can last, then work. As for what to find, do not know.

I was silent, feel where is wrong, but they can not say what. I always feel good when the students’ consciousness cheap price for nfl jerseys, such a person’s story, the why don’t let me feel wonderful and shock. I have always felt that the story should be the kind of people always make me amazing.

Xiu Xiu said she always feel that life is what your weaknesses and lack of power, lack of passion, it seems that everything is arranged. She is from a key university, security research, 500 Gold Medal Trainers, internships, along the way is very stable, very good. But I always remember a word: “smooth, just a mediocre life.” I did not understand that year, but now we look at the calm without a little ripples of life, instantly feel that this sentence is too in place. Life is a show mode baffel, like cheating is completely mistaken, of course, consistently excellent show also won’t let yourself derailed, but only in the track to do the fastest of the. I said how I feel happy, your life is not so common? Xiu Xiu said: “I go abroad to read a doctor, how do you feel? So there’s an overseas background.” I almost turned over the stool.

Xiu Xiu, remember the baby? Our class is very good in the play, but the poor performance of the Xuan Xuan, leisurely day to class tall xuan. I want to tell you about her now.

When she is Xuan Xuan University and many other schools of music students admission notice, but her poor grades, only a two class of undergraduate school, or students in charge, they. She is four years under the tutelage of a pianist, finally at the time of graduation was admitted to a university in Canada before three to study music, the world famous pianist XXX (I don’t remember), we often chat in the letter, I watched her slowly adapt to living abroad, slowly find their glory in another sky next, I saw her music dream a little blossom, her music slowly from the school’s music room, to the stage, to the world top quality for nfl cheap jerseys, to a greater and more beautiful place. Recently Xuan Xuan for doctoral degree, Yale is not a big problem, such as is a musician. I have been thinking that she was not the best, even the worst, but now you throughout our the so-called strengthening class in which one of the world with her wonderful, she opened the big and strong? Just make a phone call to ask the students in our class in the top ten, some struggling in the year of the postgraduate class, before the exam is sorry seems to be 20 years of good student reputation; some admitted to graduate, go out every day to find a company internship, or help tutor book to earn a little money; some work every day, the two point one line of work, earn a little money to rent the house, reading out.

I just meet Xuan Xuan when she really let my heart shock. She has been pursuing their own love, with their own expertise to fight their own world. In 12 years before the university life, she did not break the countdown to the last eleventh, but she did not give up their dreams, that is music, is the piano. She has love inside the music, her inner yearning, some persistent pursuit. I remember when she got a notice of Tsinghua University’s special ability to lose 80 points, she jumped in class and shouted. At that time, the whole class disdain at her, knowing she lost 180, also the test on the Tsinghua University, and students are considered a hair, high class culture is the hard truth. But we are wrong, Xiu Xiu, Xuan Xuan is glad that her music was finally admitted that this is her dream of the moment. She knows, is less than jerseys nfl china for promotion 280 points, she also failed to tsinghua.

And what about us? We have a good rule. We use ABC and XYZ into a good university, master of cattle, squeeze into the top 500 for small interns, trying to give their background gadot flowers, is a flower, not on what peony; then the entry of 4K, with a month’s salary for each other, who is petty, who is famous who can go out, take a taxi, who rented a house is relatively large, hardcover, the near future we will continue to have the house comparisons who have cars, who married into the wealthy.