There is Running inspirational such a true story wholesale nike nfl jerseys saw the tears, tells a story of an old man running.

Each year, Australia will hold a long-distance running race, the participants from Sydney to Melbourne, about 875 kilometers, is one of the world’s most difficult game. The game took 5 days, attracting a number of world-class athletes, who are usually under the age of 30, after special training, there are large companies such as Nike funded.

However, in 1983, the emergence of a 61 year old, making the game became the focus of discussion. The old man’s name is Cliff Jan.

At the starting line, Clif was wearing a frock and a pair of work shoes on his feet. The audience initially thought that Clif was an audience, and when he went to the workbench to check the numbers and came to the middle of the athletes, people are shocked.

Media on the arrival of Clif immediately curious, have interviewed in the past. They said to Clif, “you’re crazy, you can’t finish the game.” In the face of people questioned, Clif replied: “I know I can do, you see, I grew up on a farm, there is no truck and horse, no matter what, even if the storm is coming soon, I must go out the sheep. When the sheep run, I can always catch them. So I believe I can finish the game.”

After the game started, Clif was soon left behind by everyone. The topic of the people authentic nfl jerseys moved to Clif himself: Clif can’t run properly! He looked more like he was dragging his feet. Even more people began to worry about his safety. Professional athletes know that it takes 5 days. In order to complete the whole process, they usually run 18 hours a day, sleep for 6 hours. But Clif doesn’t know that. The second morning, people were surprised to find that Clif actually appeared in the team, originally, he was running all night!

A reporter curiously asked Clif, how he was going to complete the game. Clif’s answer has raised doubts that he will keep running until the game is finished.

Clif has been running this way, every day a little bit close to the leading athletes group. Last night, while others are still sleeping when he passed all the contestants, the first hit to the end point line, also created a new record!

Clif won a $10 thousand prize. After the game, he said he didn’t know there was a bonus and insisted he wasn’t playing for money. Finally, he put all his income to buy bonus gifts to other athletes, making the Australians respect.

In 2003, Clif died at the age of 81. Today, as a result of saving energy, “Clif Yang style step by step” has been adopted by many athletes who participated in the marathon race. Moreover, in the current game, people have no sleep. People know that if you want to win, you have to keep running like Cliff Jan.

After standing, Xiao Peng began to learn to walk again, which was a much more difficult and painful process than a toddler. Even if two people were helped, his two legs still trembling, every step is very difficult, but slowly he can finally leaning on the wall, although slow, although very unstable, sometimes fell heavily.

Every time he fell to the ground, Xiao Peng’s mother would hold him up with tears, and he could not bear to go on. “But my mind is my school my classroom, I really don’t want to give up”. Xiao Peng kept on walking. After a year’s insistence, he was finally able to jerseys nfl online walk, but he was not satisfied with it. So he began to call himself learning to climb the stairs every time after climbing a layer are almost collapsed. “The exercise is hard, but I still appreciate it, because it makes me stronger”.

As Shi Tiesheng said in the “altar” and I, “not a long way to go but there are vast heart”, the phrase used to describe Xiao Peng huckleberry. In every step of Xiao Peng’s rehabilitation exercises, he was supported by his vast heart.

After two years of active exercise, Xiao Peng finally returned to the Tsinghua Yuan. Unfortunately, Xiao Peng’s left side still did not recover, travel and life still have to rely on a wheelchair because of strength, not the experimental operation, he could not continue to study chemistry.

In the school teacher’s coordination and help, Xiao Peng eventually transferred to the Department of mathematics, and also slowly like mathematics. Return to the campus of Xiao Peng really feel the school, teachers and students to give him care and warmth, as if the sun back to my life”.