Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan lost the championship after the crazy video next year; rhetoric

Matt Ryan will not nfl jerseys from china forget that a Super Bowl 25 point comeback, he did not try to stop him in the shadows that experience again and again in Ryan’s heart, and the heart in order to reduce the pressure and confusion, he tried to make things a good turn that day, he kept watching the video game tell myself to be strong.

“After that day, I went back to the video game, and two days later I saw it again, and after three days I was watching the game. For me, I think this is a relief, I think we have a lot of ways to deal with this kind of thing, so that it brings the pain difficult to disappear as soon as possible. Some people will no longer refer to this matter will be buried in the past, and I would like: ‘well, let us look back on this feeling. ‘

In addition, in this year’s playoffs with brown bears can chaep jerseys from china largely attributed to picture Lasker’s excellent play, the end of the season after he lost the ball the presence of both the rate and the number of wins in the League rankings, outstanding performance in the closing stages also let fans have enough confidence in him. The occupation career of Senator Lasker face data is 8 wins and 7 losses in the 4 overtime games are negative, lost the ball 2.34, save rate is 92.1%. But the goalkeeper will inevitably be the problem of excessive use of coach appearances this season Lasker has reached 65, if the playoffs both dragged into extra time on the Las is a big test.

Senator vs, a comprehensive analysis of the brown bear brown bear playoff fear fraught with grim possibilities

Senator side:

The last time the senator came into the playoffs was in 2015, when they lost to Montreal in the first round with a series of 2-4. This season’s regular season, they face the brown bear 4 War swept the opponent, although this does not mean that they can have a full grasp of the playoffs, but enough to give the team a lot of confidence.

The advantage of the senator in the offensive side is not large, can not be compared with the brown bear, but by virtue of the defensive side of the outstanding play still achieved good results. They have one of the league’s top defenders, 2012 – and James – Norris – winner of the 2015 – – in the first half of the season, he scored a total of $in the last 77 games of the year, with a total of about 71 points in the first half of the season, with a total of $. In addition, the coach Gaye Boucher led the team to establish the league’s top defensive system, Senator outstanding performance in the regular season is also thanks to this.

Matt Ryan is known as the “Iceman”, he was like ice cool, no one after this defeat can keep such a firm attitude, especially in the critical moment, let all pay a mirage Falcon dropped the ball that Ryan, fatal mistake, for other people is a cross over the ridge, but Ryan cross over, he can even watch video carefully, learn from each other, let me learn more and become a better player.

“Does it bring the same feeling as we are still experiencing? I think we all want to get there as soon as possible, and one of the things that I’m proud of is that we have a young team, we are ready for the game, I think we will play better. And we have a lot of confidence, we are more experienced, we believe we can go back there next year, and make a change, let people cheer for us.” Out of Matt Ryan already from the Super Bowl defeat in the shadow of his future, wins the championship season under the.