Payton, the saint coach, is full of praise for Mr Butler

Saints head coach

On the day before the new cheap nfl jerseys England patriots restricted free agent Malcolm – Butler’s future has attracted much attention. The saints are the first team to visit Butler, in exchange with him, the coach of the saints – Sean – praised for the addition of the United States and Canada, said the coach of the United Kingdom, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and Canada, the United States and the United States. The New Orleans saints are the first team.

Payton said that from a non interested players into a Super Bowl champion’s main point guard, Butler has gone through unimaginable course. And Butler himself has always maintained a modest attitude, not satisfied with their achievements, such a good attitude to life and work.

Butler is a restricted free agent, he should be renewed and the original patriot That’s final. thing, even if only for a restricted free agent contract for $7 million a year, it is not what Butler cannot accept. But all this changed with the patriot’s 5 year contract of 65 million. To give a performance in the last season is obviously not as good as his players big contract, but not willing to continue with their long, not only Butler, I am afraid that no one can accept. That’s what he’s going to do with the patriots.

But the truth is, even if Butler is not willing to stay in the team, even if the saints invited him to visit and praise him, the final situation is likely to be Butler or stay in new England. The reason is simple, because he is a restricted free agent, the patriots have the right to match the other team to give him out of the contract. Even if the Patriots choose not to match, will get a new round of Butler’s first draft draft as compensation.
No team is willing to sign a 10 million annual salary of the players to pay the first round draft. Therefore, for the saints, only in an agreement with Butler, while seeking to deal with the Patriots, to see if you can only pay in addition to the first round of other costs. Bill Bailey and patriots management chick led coach has always been known for shrewd, so even the saints and patriots have a good relationship, I am afraid it is difficult to reach an agreement on this transaction. The other team is precisely because of this, did not show much interest in Butler. Therefore, in the end, I am afraid that Butler can only accept the patriot’s 1 year contract of 7 million.

The tigers signed former Cardinals linebacker Mintel
The tigers, who suffered a lot of losses in the free market this year, continued to make some cheap jerseys online additions and signed the centre forward Kevin.

Ming is only 25 years old this year, just finished rookie contract. He in the past two seasons, as the main force of the Arizona Cardinals inside linebacker in the league’s top defensive team, as commander of the defense played well. He is known for his fierce opponents, 81 times last season and the capture of the capture of the 3.5.

In the early days of the League to enter the performance of struggling, from the appearance of a few to the main team, all the way through a long journey. In the 2015 season of his weight loss of 20 pounds, making their sports ability stronger, third can stay in the field.

Mintel had hoped to stay in Arizona, but obviously the Cardinals did not show enough renewal intention. Now, in Cincinnati, the tigers will want him to fill the gap left by Carlos – the.

Capet Nick to participate in charitable activities
Capet, a former San Francisco 49 quarterback who has just become a free agent, has not yet found a new club, but he is not free to continue his career. Recently, he was involved in the social media on a call for Turkey Airlines sent aircraft to help deliver goods to Somalia, the campaign.

The East African nation of Somalia is now in an unprecedented famine, with more than 6 million people reported to wholesale nfl jerseys have been affected. Jerome, a French entrepreneur, first launched the campaign to send Turkey aircraft to. Stiller, a famous actor, is also involved. After that, there was a video call on Capet Nick on Instagram.

Three days after Capet’s video, Turkey Airlines agreed to send aid to the plane. So Capet Nick released a thank you video, and urged his fans to actively raise money for disaster relief.