When I was young, my mother said, you will Sales For be the same, the gold coast titans jerseys fancies of men of letters, how is a plus. So, practiced the piano, calligraphy, played chess, you have Discount Price nothing to do with the crow, every time with hobbies, is a specialty, when filling, No. Grow up, work, no matter in which company, engage in activities, do the annual meeting, the program. People who have no talent, at this time, always the most difficult. Colleagues looked a full of vigor and vitality in the stage, musical instruments, dance and sing well, I thought that I also learned the instrument.

When I was young, sports was limited to physical education in schools. The reason a lot of: learning tension pressure; no time to exercise; I am in a long body to be nutritious ah…… Finally arrived at the University, found that the girl around how are so pretty, so will dress up. In the best years, not the best people, the earlier the more lazy, the more awkward behind, an embarrassment is easy to miss the best time. Not youth to abandon you, but you can not hold ah.

During the University, there are Curve Wrecker every day back in English, I have dumbass watching TV every day. As well, we see the U.S. is also learning. At least we know Europe people life on Mars. Graduate to find a job, to see the right position, there will always be a sentence: English listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency, as a working language. Then give up. This give up, give up for several years, also didn’t really into the foreign enterprise. But those good English Curve Wrecker, had I not a wage level.

In this world, there is a cause and effect. Have given themselves to find all the reasons, and finally was cold to shoot the reality on the Authentic Bears Jerseys Men face, turned into two capital embarrassment”. I have a roommate, Lily, before the fat, single, with a commom;cynical working for foreign companies, and sometimes need to contact foreign customers, but she led out to talk about the customer, never take her. Because she is not good, also not dress up. She will occasionally complain about life, and will complain about her. She always said to me, I am now the biggest problem is fat, English is not good. On these two points, take down, there is no problem. She is eager to expand the circle, see some scenes, find a good boyfriend. She often makes plans, but she is too busy to look at the time, but now life is going too.

But it had not to go, one night, Lily home, I cried to become dejected and despondent, finished the day’s experience. The original Lily yesterday, crush a long time male colleagues about her dinner, and found her in the morning but carry off all that one has, after calm, because of the long-term of their slack, no suitable clothes closet; and because of his plump body, a skirt, looks not pleasing to the eye; want to take a collocation have a taste of the wardrobe, the brain is a blank.

When trying to skirt, to see the waist of the protruding out of the flesh, to his anger and regret has reached the apex. Hate not to take a knife to cut off. Why don’t you lose weight early! Even if three months ago, at night to eat less, and not so now! Looking in the mirror embarrassed himself, this time the leadership actually came to the phone, the Secretary of the business, and to her to pick up an important customer to the restaurant to eat, the leadership of the aircraft late. Such a heavy responsibility, let Lily off date, also thank the leadership and let her find a job because of busy and no time to dress up her reason, to the customer’s Hotel, call the past found, the other is cheap nike nfl jerseys a french. Can speak English, but can’t speak Chinese.

Lily this time is completely embarrassed. For a long time, her relationship with English, only watching tv. And always staring at the subtitles. Wanted to take back words, to follow American practice listening, but it is only an idea always stay in my mind. Lily, like a monkey, stood in the lobby of the five star hotel, and the hands and feet and customers to call, although the other party can not see her body language, but she can not control the heart of worry.