The cowboy boss supported Bezos to buy the NFL team, the world’s richest man to enter the sports world.

After the Seahawks lost their boss, Paul Allen, the future of the team has become a matter for league officials and team owners to consider, and consistently “big mouth” cowboy boss Jones recently expressed his views on the future of the Seahawks.

According to the NFL, after the death of the current owner of the team, the successor must submit his future ownership plan to the league. Since Paul has neither children nor widows, the ownership of the team after his death will be inherited by his sister Jody. Jody hasn’t announced her thoughts on the future of the Seahawks, but reports say she’s not interested in running a professional team and the Seahawks are likely to be sold.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and the founder of Amazon, was mentioned by both Cowboys owner Jones and Colts owner Urser.

“I can’t imagine the Seahawks team not staying in Seattle. It’s better if people like Bezos buy Seahawks, and I even want to bring him back into the NFL alliance. Jones exaggerated to the media. His ideas also represent the views of the alliance. NFL has publicly expressed the hope that the Seahawks will remain in Seattle Seahawks jerseys.

The Seahawks are the only team in the League on the northwest coast of the United States, and because of their success in recent years, they have a huge influence on the northwest coast market. If a Seattle businessman could take over the team, as Paul did more than 20 years ago, the league would not have worried about a team like the Lightning. Moving negative cases.

There is no doubt that Bezos is fully in line with the two prerequisites for buying Seahawks, money and location. Bezos is now the richest man ever to occupy the world’s richest place with $147.3 billion, and he, like many other wealthy men, has chosen to settle in Seattle, where Amazon’s headquarters is located. Bezos is clearly capable of buying dozens of Seahawks, but it is unclear whether he will be interested in running a professional team.

Once the Seahawks are sold, it is likely to break the previous record of $2.3 billion Seattle Seahawks New Jerseys wholesale for the world’s professional team, set by Richardson for selling the Panthers. According to Forbes magazine’s estimate, the hawk’s selling price is likely to be around 2 billion 600 million dollars.

In addition to Bezos, several other owners from the Big Four league teams were involved in the list, largely thanks to changes in NFL rules governing team ownership. The NFL’s recent meeting decided to allow its owners to operate across borders, so everyone from Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer to Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lakob had a chance to buy the Seahawks.

Seahawks stay in Seattle is the best choice for the league and fans, Bezos will become the history of the Seahawks the second noble man, let us wait and see.