Haste to forward! No matter the winner of Brown’s rookie, he has to send his shirt

Although Cleveland is the same as the Cavaliers, NFL’s Cleveland Brown Randall has always been a supporter of the warriors, and recently he promised himself that if the Knights can beat the Jinzhou warriors in the finals, then the twitter fans can get their own shirts, today. This transponder is nearly 900 thousand, which is the most frequently transmitted twitter in the US last week.

The finals of the 17-18 season were in line, but because of the great disparity in strength, the outside world was generally optimistic that the warriors could eventually stabilize the championship, which was the last big score, and Cleveland Brown Randall, who had always supported the warriors, had a bet on tweet on tweet.

“If the Cleveland Cavaliers can win the NBA championship in 2018, every player who sends this twitter will get a jersey that I pay for it.” Randall wrote.

Despite the cynicism of the Cleveland “traitor”, Randall has been supporting Stephen – kouli and the warriors. He even mocked the Knights’ fans on twitter, so the Cavalier fans were “abhorrence”.

Randall once again issued such a bet, is undoubtedly a naked “provocation” to the Cavaliers. But just a move to Cleveland, Randall obviously underestimated the ball market here, and underestimated the Cavaliers all over the United States. His Twitter is widely forwarded. From scratch, the tweet’s forwarding number is soaring, now close to 900 thousand, if it is on average in the NFL official store. The price is 99.99 dollars, and once the knight wins, Randall will pay more than $80 million for the “bet”, but according to the statistics, the salary of three years in the first three years of Randall’s career is only $6 million 490 thousand.

It could scare Randall, how he could afford a billion dollar bill, and now he said he was joking, and thought it would not be more than 100 times. “I didn’t expect Cleveland fans to be so crazy. I’m not serious, believe me.” Randall said.

A man can’t catch up with his words. Randall knows his joke is overdone. He must make some remedial efforts. “I will talk about this after the series,” Randall said, adding that no matter what the result is, he will do something for the fans.

Compared with Randall, the retired future Hall of fame, Joe Thomas, showed a very high EQ. He used his prestige and appeal to help Randall to dissolve the embarrassment. Today, at tweet and Dao if the warriors beat knights to win the championship, he bought one of the Currie stars for each person. A cross – signed shirt. “I’m very confident of the Knights. If the warrior won the 2018 championship, I’ll buy a signature shirt for everyone, and even Damaris Randall and Lebron – James.” Later, Thomas added, “well, it can be any signature jersey worn by any NBA player jerseys, not necessarily a warrior.”

As a Cleveland legend, one of Thomas’s jokes, the witty help Randall defused the embarrassment of a leader, and, more importantly, greatly inspired the Cavaliers’ morale before the competition.

According to Twitter’s official statistics and confirmation, Randall’s Twitter is one week (523-529) forwarding the highest tweets in the United States. Brown’s four point guard Rhodes Taylor’s advice to Randall is “never se