The pre – season suspense? Sherman training camp again pulled the injury situation slightly unexpected.

Richard Sherman moved from Seattle to San Francisco this summer. Fans were anxious to see his performance. Sherman also wanted to prove himself in the bay area, but I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for a while to see him wearing a red and gold shirt. According to reports, Sherman will miss next week’s training camp, according to NBC Bay Area reporter Matt mekio, Sherman will be absent from 49 and Dallas cowboys in the first game of the pre – season.

“We are sure to let him rest for at least a week,” said the 49 coach Kell Sha, “please rest assured, we think this is not a long-term injury, it’s just a little bit more serious than we expected, so we have to use a little bit more.” Sherman came to San Francisco at $39 million 150 thousand earlier in the rest period to protect gold at $19 million, before Sherman was cut off by the Seattle hawk, the only team for the first seven years of his career.

At the training camp last Friday, Sherman was taking over Pierre – pine on the side of the border. During the interception, Sherman collided with Sherman, then Sherman fell to the ground, the eyebrows were locked, the expression looked very painful and clutched his leg. After a simple examination by the team doctor, Sherman left the training and Shanahan thought he had only a slight strain, but the further examination showed that his injury was a little worse than expected.

Sherman has struggled to recover from injury this off-season, tearing his Achilles tendon in the 22-16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals jerseys last November. Sherman will be out of action on Sunday, which means that Powell and Greg – Ma Bin will take turns. In fact, he wanted Sherman to be able to look for a match, but at the beginning of the training camp, he made it clear that Sherman would not be in a hurry. All he did during the rest period was to make Sherman ready to play in the September 9th game of the first game of the Minnesota Vikings.

“I just wanted to see him (Sherman nfl jerseys) comfortable,” he said at the training camp. “Richard of the season is definitely different. Our team has a lot of players and Richard is a special one. We are all very excited. At present, the squad is all in line. Some of our team have been successful, but Sherman is one of the few famous players who has been famous for a long time. Most of us played against Richard, so we knew what kind of player he was. We believe in his experience and the way we play. We need a leader who leads the team. Richard is such a person.

After Sherman was injured last season, the Haiying team cleaned him up during the off-season. 4 years before the selection of professional bowl, Sherman’s state slightly slipped, but still the league’s top corner guard. From 2012 to 2016, Sherman completed 26 copies, 8 more than the second in the same period, 4 more than the security guards (Reggie Nielsen) at the same time. At the same time, Sherman’s 80 successful anti pass in five years was second only to Dominic – Rodgers – K Rome, who had completed 2 copies and 6 successful passes before the injury last season.

As for when Sherman came back, he said, “it depends to a great extent on himself, but now Richard can’t wait a bit, and our job is to make him don’t worry too much. We have to communicate in the right way, because we also want to see it early and see him in the opening game jersey. But if he can’t play, we can’t, but it’s a matter of time for him to return and we’ll be careful with his use.