Brandon Cox

The most exciting signings cheap nfl jerseys ideas: the new England patriots frequently shot trading market

The Patriots in the free market clearly show that they are not satisfied with the only super bowl. In addition to Cox, they called the Yili defensive end Berlusconi – from the Panthers Yili Trading, is a typical “Patriot transaction”, the player will enter a contract year, rookie contract wages less than 1 million, it is likely that he will play in the outbreak of the contract, just like in the free market to leave the new England – Jabbar Hilde. In addition to the near end of the Dwayne – Allen and angle – Feng – Feng, – Feng, the Patriot seems to be an early end to the new season, the title of suspense, and then, in the end of the new season.

Bill Bailey a coach never hesitated bid farewell to a veteran, with another veteran to take over. For example, matru Bennet left. At the same time, the restricted number one cornerback Malcolm Butler only received an initial $4 million contract, but also reflects the Bailey chick is not worried about Butler on authentic nfl jerseys Gilmore’s 40 million security discontent.

Martellus Bennett #88 of the New England Patriots celebrates scoring a touchdown during the first quarter against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium on September 18, 2016 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. )

Martellus Bennett #88 of the New England

Matru Adams Bennet

Most of the signings ideas beyond all expectations: the Green Bay Packers to break in the silence
The packaging industry has been a big name signings will not have a lot of teams in the free market, but two recent three years lost the League of nations after the final, this time they sit, not to renew the proximal Feng Jia Fred Cook, has signed a powerful winch level matru Lawrence Bennet.

Prior to this, the packers have been focused on the draft to build the team, but the result is that many players in the team are in the growth period, but not yet ready for the impact of the championship. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is 33 years old, general manager Ted Thompson decided to one of the best quarterback of the history play the greatest role in twilight years. The introduction of Bennet is a signal.

The most understandable idea: after years of contract over Terrell – Pryor to give up jerseys china online the Brown team, signed a one-year contract with the Washington Redskins

From the money point of view, Pryor’s choice is somewhat unexpected. In Brown he can get at least 10 million annual salary, but he chose the red team’s 1 year contract of 8 million. But note: receivers play very rely on the quarterback. Rather than stay in Brown, do not know who the quarterback will be, in the Kirk – under the direction of the test, Pryor is expected to refresh the best performance in the new season, the contract will not be delayed until next year.