Go from the invention of the Chinese cheap nfl jerseys online nation’s cultural treasures to contribute to the fruits of human wisdom, we probably remember the history of the four rings, we generally understand.
Around second Century BC, began to spread to the ethnic areas outside the Central Plains, is from the Silk Road and the southwest silk road go record.

In fifth Century second years after a history of rings, began to Chinese neighboring countries spread, this is cheap jerseys online the East is spread to the Korean Peninsula and Japan, the maritime silk road is spread to Southeast asia. Now from North Korea and Japan all go records, the official go records, not earlier than the time.

Third historical ring was around fifteenth Century, began to spread to Europe, there is a misunderstanding, always think go to Europe Japanese communication is done, it is late a lot of things to do, but to the early spread of Europe from the beginning Chinese. From the beginning of fifteenth Century, in the process of moving cheap jerseys from China to Europe and the United States, there are so many things that can be recorded. One is a European missionary trip to jerseys China, there are three European missionaries. There are Chinese Catholics throughout the seventeenth Century European tour, in addition to the three Western missionaries, and Chinese three Christians, the two people together to go to Europe to spread, in eighteenth Century two people in seventeenth Century, the mathematician traveler, this two people created the pattern and go go, they should be a this is a kind of subjective imagination, seventeenth Century.
By 18 to nineteenth Century, diplomats have emerged. The earliest diplomat now is not Japanese diplomat, the earliest diplomats in China spread go, is Britain’s China two embassy officials in Europe and we Chinese diplomats, these people in nineteenth Century to do a lot of contributions to go early spread in 18. In the process, if we say that we want to commemorate the spread of the game to Europe, just mentioned that these people can be included in the go inside.

Before and after twentieth Century, go to the world, not only the cultural communication, but also as a kind of go to Europe and the United States began to develop sports. This is the first after the Meiji Restoration in Japan, Japan’s Asian cultural exchange into Europe after the trip to the development of Europe has played an important role. This is when the German fleet, in the Prussian lake has a German Navy chess club, about a German naval officer nearly 200 of the Chinese chess, published the world’s first issue of the magazine, and the nfl jerseys china German fleet to the East, including Qingdao and Japan, in China. After the rise of the Asian economy, cultural communication, from the last century, whether it is Japan, South Korea, China in the world to go to the game to make more and more contributions.