Once upon a Simple buffalo bills jerseys time, there are two for dogs truth hungry elderly people has been a gift: a fishing rod and a basket of live fish. One to a basket fish, another person a fishing rod, and they part company each going his own way. Where the person gets the fish on the fire with dry boil the fish, he devoured, have not tasted the meat and fish, suddenly, even the fish soup with he ate. Soon, he starved to death in the empty side. Another one is carrying rod to starve, difficult step by step to walk to the beach, but when he has not seen the blue sea, he was the last bit of strength and make out, he can only afford to zone endless regret to leave earth.

There are two hungry people, they also received the elderly gift of a fishing rod and a basket of fish. But they did not separate, but agreed together to find the sea, they only cook a fish, they go through the distant journey, came to the seaside.

Since then, the two began fishing for a living, a few years later, they built the house, with their families, children, with their own construction of the fishing boat, lived a happy and healthy life.

Only the immediate interests of a person, will eventually get the joy was short-lived; a lofty goal, but also to face the reality of life.

On the table, the seven or eight man to open an annoying bottle stopper, almost defeated the revelry. After they take turns over, but now that Mr. cork out, but in the bottle stuck down half a centimeter. Someone should use scissors to pick; others deny that wood is not easy to loose, successful people the best with a screw into the cork, and then pulled out; or there is opposition, that even slightly down with the point cheap jerseys online force will fall into the bottle cork. Some people think that the best way is to move the cork wall awl was inserted into the direction of the bottleneck, and is expected to pull out the cork with an awl together. They say the idea is good, but unfortunately can not find such a guy.

Again, the result is that the cork is not removed, but fell into the bottle. The men found the result in a piece of regret – the wine was poured out.

After many detours, people tend to find that the most reluctant to go that road is the best way to go. In this world, the most sober person should be oneself, but not others. You cannot choose your own way, it is a sad thing do a hard-working farmer, from your garden to harvest a large pumpkin, he was surprised, put the pumpkin to the king. The king was very happy to give farmers a horse.

It soon became a household name.

A property initiative to open the minds: offering a big pumpkin, you can get a horse, if the offer of a horse, the king will give me how much gold and silver jewelry or beauty?

So the rich man to the king with a very valuable horse. The king was pleased, too:

“The big pumpkin precious that the farmer offering, given the offer horse.”

Different environment, different mentality. What kind of people do you want to see what people are doomed to backfire.

Often want to know the truth, but to this obsession and confusion. Therefore, as long as the recovery of blunt heart, normal heart completely obey the nature, all with extreme ease.

Once a woodcutter was dull, one day he picked up, inadvertently saw a never seen the animal. So he went up and asked, “who are you?”

The animal said, “my name is understanding.”.”

The woodcutter thought: I was the lack of “comprehend” now! Take it back!

At this time, “understanding” said: “do you want to catch me now?”

The woodcutter was shocked: I want to know it! Well, I jerseys different size might as well put on a look that I don’t care, and catch it when it’s not!

As a result, “understanding” and said to him: “you now want to pretend not to care about the shape to deceive me, and so I do not pay attention, I caught.”

His mind was “comprehend” through, so he is very angry: really hateful! Why does it know what I’m thinking? Who knows, this idea was immediately realized discovery.

He said, “you’re angry because you didn’t catch me!”

So, the heart from the review: I want things like reaction in the mirror, is completely “understand” look. I should forget it, concentrate on wood.

The woodcutter thought here, wield the axe, carefully cut firewood.

Accidentally, the axe fell, but accidentally burst in “understanding”, “understand” the woodcutter was immediately caught. People don’t have to go for something that doesn’t belong to him. Violation of the law to work, will step hard, learn to comply with the law, will be handy, the road.

Life sentiment:

Only by combining the ideal and the reality, it is possible to become a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth, but enough to give meaningful life inspiration.