I have a friend small city football jerseys, unworldly,different color poor communication, have a stable job and income. Like many children, her house in support of the parents to buy a car, a person living in a house of 140 square meters, to follow the prescribed order daily drive to work, imperceptibly over thirty years. In the thirty years old this year, she gave up everything, choose to drift north, rent, crowded subway……

Of course someone would say she was stupid, but she was much happier than before. Her only reason to leave the town is lonely, at the same time, she did not want to be like the elders said, just to find a person to marry and have children to say goodbye to loneliness, like that, maybe more lonely.

In some people, this loneliness seems a bit hypocritical. They will also move out of the universal law “to adapt to society”, to tell you that this is your own problem, you have to change yourself, release yourself, contact with the community, to have a wider circle. However, this statement from the root of the differences between people and people have been killed, ignoring the personality of the person. It is like watching movies, watching Truffaut and Fellini wholesale nfl jerseys china with the cheap jerseys stitched nfl people watching the little time is difficult to resonate, you can not force one of them to move on the other side. Because of the values caused by loneliness, not because of their own change and ease. Moreover, even if the change is only on high not low, that is to say, you can make yourself better, to adapt to other people’s height, but not deliberately lower their IQ, to accommodate more than their mediocre person.

So, the better a person, the smaller the city’s face is more disgusting. Not to mention those of the closed Town, even along the southeast coast of the affluent areas, even in Hong Kong and Macao just one or two hours distance, small city is still a small city, you still have to endure these things: the same magazines and movies, than Guangzhou, Shenzhen delayed more than a week and listed online; you still have to open their own run go to the big city to see drama and concert in a car; the older generation always care about why you graduated from college at the age of twenty-five is not dating, how not to get married, have been married for a year how not to have children; if you do not have the civil service exam, some people will be more for you even young people with deep hatred and resentment; also often early old, just sit down and talk to you to win at the starting line of children, see parenting and health lectures like playing chicken; many of your peers, have higher education and a decent job No, a book home, you will never find a common topic; in business, you can not rely on creativity to impress clients, with people around the shoulders with mouthful of wine a few cups of dry odor address each other as brothers may be more useful……

Sometimes, I even have such an illusion: to endure these, just need to fight in the big city, but also more than a million times the courage. Of course, then I understand that this is not courage, but compromise and weakness. Big cities, of course, there are these problems, but you have at least the probability of escape, if you have enough ability, but also to dominate their own life.

Most of the time wholesale nike jerseys china, we are too old to go, and then define the life. For example, think of all houses, cars and money on behalf of life, thinking that others should think so, otherwise it is not mature or not satisfied, is to come to the attitude stressed the mediocre valuable, “mediocre” is equivalent to “dull”. However, many people never thought, you think good is not what others want, we think good things on others, is not necessarily a concern, but violated, regardless of whether you with “hello” banner. Such a thing, in this country is everywhere, but small cities seem to be more obvious, at the same time there is no place to hide, there is no way to refute. The more there is no ability to choose their own life, the more mediocre ignorant people, the more love laugh at those who have the courage to bear the pressure of the people.

Utopia is not realistic, there will always be laughed at. However, if you are more than and 20 years old, you want to see a utopia, or to see the appearance of their sixty years old?