After World War Small story buffalo bills II, affected by elite jerseys important the economic crisis, Japan’s unemployment benefits increased sharply, the factory is very depressed. A failing food company to revive, decided to lay off 1/3. There are three kinds of people: one is a cleaner, one is a driver, a kind of no technical warehouse personnel. These three people add up to more than 30. The manager talked to them about the intention of redundancy.

The cleaner said: “we are very important, if we do not clean, no clean, beautiful, healthy and orderly working environment, how can you devote yourself to work?”

The driver said: “we are very important, so many products can not be quickly sold to the market?”

“We are very important,” said the warehouse keeper. “The war is largest discount jerseys over, and many people are struggling on the hunger line. If we were not, the food would not be stolen by the beggars on the streets!”

The manager feels that his mother is very reasonable, weigh repeatedly decided not to lay off, to develop a management strategy. Finally the manager hanging a large plaque at the factory gate, saying “I am very important.”

Since then, every day when workers come to work, the first thing I see is I am very important, these 4 words. Regardless of front-line workers or white-collar, thought leadership attaches great importance to them, work very hard. This sentence mobilized the enthusiasm of all staff, a year after the rapid rise of the company to become one of the famous companies in japan.

Great truth:

In the occupation career, never at any time underestimate yourself. At the critical moment, do you dare to say “I am important”? Try to say it, you want others to believe in you, believe in yourself – and your journey of success may lead to a new page.

Socrates is a famous ancient Greek philosopher and educator, he taught students always create new styles.

On the first day of school, he said to the students: “today, we only learn one thing, is to arm as far as possible, and then try to swing back.” He gave a demonstration, and all the students laughed.

“Teacher, this is also used to learn it?” A student quipped.

“Of course,” Socrates supply replica nhl jerseys replied gravely, “don’t think it’s a simple thing, but it’s hard.” Hearing this, the students laughed even harder.

Socrates was not a bit angry, he said: “this class I teach you to learn this action. After learning, from today, you have to do it 100 times a day.

10 days later, Socrates asked: “who still insist that they do?” About 80% of the students raised their hands.

20 days later, Socrates asked: “who still insist that they do?” About 50% of the students raised their hands.

3 months later, Socrates asked again: “the most simple smoothing action, who insist on doing?” This time, only one student raised his hand. He was Platon, another great philosopher and thinker in ancient greece.

Life philosophy:

Persistence is the simplest and most difficult thing in the world, because everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it. Only those who have a simple thing to do in the end, it is possible to achieve.

After a few days of psychological counseling, the doctor told his parents: “children’s EQ, IQ is not much of a problem, the key is not blindly blame the child bad grades for this shortcoming, this is where you want his inferiority, found his strengths and praise.” Later, the doctor alone said to him: “actually, everyone from birth to grow up, who have their own unique, as long as the good use and development, one day you will find that belongs to your ability, then, your parents will be proud of you.”

After listening to the doctor’s advice, he and his parents decided not to go to school, because he is not reading material. He lived in a small town, it is difficult to find a decent job, only suitable for the job is to give people the garden in addition to what the grass flowers. For him, to have such work is also good, so he started work with the gardener.