In a very distant place, there society is too fair is a “grass root mound”bengals home jerseys color will be eliminated, there is a mysterious grave keeper. When someone complains too heavy, his soul will naturally be monster driven to “grass root mound”, face the grave keeper.
At this time, with a “dumbass” soul, he complained that the teacher eccentric, exam oriented education, employment discrimination, women money etc.. Somebody listen, then the “grass root” said: “there is a group of people, you know.” “Grass root” said: “who?”
Somebody said: “when receiving compulsory education, they are crazy in the classroom, slapstick, fool operation. Wait until the exam when they complained that the teacher is too difficult, heavy academic burden, eccentric individual students. Think this is not fair.
In high school, they mixed the day, read the novel, every day wondering which one looks good, standing in the corridor approached, out of the school fight. Wait until the college entrance examination, they complain about the exam oriented education jerseys direct supply, cursing the college entrance examination system. Think this is not fair.
“When I was in University, they skip sleep, go to nightclubs carnival, copy homework, plagiarism. Wait until the employment, they complain about employment discrimination, called ‘look at the ability not to look at education’. Think this is not fair.
“When they have, muddle along, keen comparisons show, fantasy for. When others are promoted, they complain about the relationship, the pain of human society. Think this is not fair.
“When they marry, opinionated, selfish, stingy, not their own side, while others do not abandon. When they are rejected, they complain that women value material, men superficial, social reality. That ‘it’s not fair’.”
“Grass root” don’t listen to.
Somebody said: “the school admission keen actionpacked jerseys factory supply or vanity You refused the talented or to him, this is fair?
“Employers spend lots of money to hire and lazy you have neither learning nor skill, rather than education and internship experience full of bright” Curve Wrecker “, this is fair?
“Your beloved boy treat you like a day with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, you look fine rival so enthusiasm, this is fair?
“Goddess” and “refined and courteous in smart clothes to Gao fushuai ‘reply, as for your reckless coarse and careless about dressing replies, this is fair?”
“Grass root” do not speak.
Shou tomb people continue to say: “buy a dog also have to look at the hair color, pick cattle and look at varieties. It is also a waste of resources and energy, with what people want to put these valuable, scarce things are devoted to you?
“You are admitted to Tsinghua University, called” quality education “? The long legged girl in love with you, can be called “pure love”? Famous enterprises to hire you, can be called “the best”? The opportunity resources are focused on your body, can be called “procedural justice”?”
“Grass root” do not speak.
Keep the tomb of people continue to say: “each time was eliminated, your first reaction is that this is not their own problems, but the injustice of the society. Rather than focus on self reflection and self promotion, you are more keen to keep going by painstaking effort his pride and vanity. All the wisdom of your focus on how in this vulnerable society, tearing down some leftover material can be used, as its own inability to fig leaf.
“You are not complaining about the social injustice, but complain that you do not share a cup of soup; you pursue what is not fair, but in the fantasy of unearned into vested interest groups. Ask yourself, all out you encounter, how much is because of social injustice? How many times have you won in all the fair and just competition jerseys from china you have experienced? Even if the opportunity and resources to you, you do to be able to match this trust?
“There is a certain degree of social injustice, but today you may not be due to the fact that the unfair competition, but because of your fantasy unfair — thanks to these your fantasy is not fair, they are the best of your incompetence fig leaf.
“It’s like you’re not willing to admit that there’s no fairness in society – but it’s a whole fair society. It is because of social justice, you have been eliminated.”
“Grass root” epiphany, shiny body.
Somebody told the “grass root”: “your anger has washed through your insight. If there is any further complaint, please remember today’s dialogue.”