The previous Some people in broncos article “truly great shadow jerseys you have a cow, is the plight of those still keep smiling people”, so that we recognize the “Niubi Cheng Hao”, a 1993 born, there is no ground to walk, the doctor had decided to live only five years old, did not go to school but love reading, strong and optimistic young people, many of them were his “ass” shock and moved. Unfortunately, a few days ago Cheng Hao died, I hope he can continue to force in another world.

August 21, 2013, 20 year old Cheng Hao left the world. That day, he asked his mother to buy a meal, he said, “you go, when you come back to help me to buy a bottle of ripple, a box of potato chips, a box of milk wangwang.” Back to the ward after twenty minutes, Cheng Hao was asleep, his eyes closed, hand on e-books, but has become a screensaver all style jerseys…… Niubi Cheng Hao behind, is accompanied by his son received countless dying notice mother – Li Zhe.

The mother of the mother, mother love you again

Now, Li Zhe still thinks his son Cheng Hao is sleeping. “I went to the funeral home to dress him last night. It was too cold to put on a down jacket. His body has been deformed, not very good wear. When I picked him up, I felt his body was soft, not stiff. Just like sleeping. A few days ago, he said, we returned to Shihezi in mid October.”

In the past 20 years, her son received countless dying notice. Two days ago, without dying notice, but the moment has finally come.

He eat slowly, a meal for more than an hour, I use side fed edge to teach him chinese.”

Cheng Hao, Li Zhe 25 years old. When the child was 6 months old, his family found him lying in bed, not moving, and could not stand up, so he took him to Shihezi. At that time, the two hospital in Shihezi said cerebral palsy. I don’t look like a kid. They told me to give up, give him a shot and not him. To Urumqi, the doctor said up to five years old. I do not believe that the child looked very fat, but also said that mother we go home. The child said ‘mother’, I think I can not do without him.”

For eight cheap authentic nhl jerseys months, Cheng Hao kept moving. But he spoke as early as he spoke. Nearly one year old, Li Zhe took him to Beijing and Tianjin to see a doctor, the hospital in Beijing gives a test result: cerebral palsy, a question mark. “If the cerebral palsy, language ability is especially poor, a little Daisha, may not talk so early.” Tianjin hospital gives a test result: myasthenia, a question mark. If it is weakness, stand up and hold it is impossible, only to lie up and hold up.”

See a doctor two or three years old, has no results. Later that qigong master Guo Zhicheng, Li Zhe took Cheng Hao to live for half a year, the Shijiazhuang daily needle, not to see the effect. At the age of three or four, took him to Urumqi Air Force hospital acupuncture treatment has no effect. “The children suffer from head to foot, there is no place not to tie, crying badly.” Later, Li Zhe would not take him to the doctor, “he looks fat at that time, not what is not normal.”

Before he was 5 years old, his grandma had a lot more. By the age of 6, it was Li Zhe. When Cheng Hao was 6 years old, he taught him Pinyin and bought him a dictionary for pupils. “He could sit still. He sat on the sofa, I cook, he turned the dictionary. Met mulfiple readlngcharacters do not understand, he will ask me at dinner time. He had a meal to eat slowly, more than an hour, I use side fed edge to teach him chinese.” At that time, Cheng Hao asked, love said, his words are considered fully, Li Zhe gave him to buy the Pinyin story book. “As soon as I get back and put him on the couch, he starts reading.”

Cheng Hao received a lot of small cars when they were young, mostly to buy him Li Zhe. He takes good care of toys and does not play bad. After the big, he gave the car to the family of children. With the things he used to put a good. “He didn’t even throw the box back when he bought it. The box of e-books, users send gifts box, he would not let go, always said that one day it will be installed when you can use.”

Li Zhe also spent 220 dollars to buy a remote control motorcycle ride, Cheng Hao sitting in a wheelchair, but also allows the motorcycle to run a long way, but also can turn around obstacles. “He used to play in a wheelchair in the square, and a lot of children around him. He can be happy.” Later, a small cheap price for nba jerseys motorcycle out of trouble, Cheng Hao will not let people, has been placed in the home.

When the computer just came out, Li Zhe bought one for Cheng ho. “He was eight or nine years old then. Every day when I go to work, I put him on the bed and let him play computer. Next to him with a quilt, afraid of his crooked to the bed. He is tired, he will send me a text message, saying that my mother will come back, I am tired. I’ll go back and help him lie down, or change his position.”

“I took a hospital small wooden chair, lying on his bed, sat for three days and nights, without food or drink did not move. Finally he woke up, I do not know their own menstrual. Go to the store, because the time is too long, straight down from the stairs.”

The first time Cheng Hao was dying at the age of 11, dying notice is written in heart failure. After a year, the basic two dying. A cold can cause lung infection and heart failure. One year, Cheng Hao has three months in the hospital. These three months, Li Zhemei.