The preseason on August, Toni Romo cheap nfl jerseys injured let everyone think cowboy this season is perishing before victory. However, the bench came a No. 4 player, he was the backup quarterback Romo – Darko Prescott. His eyes filled with determination, but also revealed a hint of tension, perhaps at that time, he just want to take this chance to prove himself: “sooner or later, back in the team by the coaches in front, but I have to hurry to prove that I can do is based in NFL!”

But on the court, everything is different. Prescott was impressive in pre-season. He quickly made his mark on all 2 people through the excellent performance of the preseason. He immediately became a hot topic on twitter, and everyone was curious about how the 4 fell to the fourth round and made Dallas pick up such a big bargain. The good guys immediately argue with cowboys fans on reddit! The regular department immediately found out saida!

But Cinderella didn’t turn back to twelve at the end of the day, Prescott and Elliot together in the regular season to make the cowboy completely reborn. He has firmly secured the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Toni, even in the eighth week time is about to return to the stadium announced by the Romo, most loyal fans, the team boss Jerry Jones in the end is determined to make this big boy from Mississippi to start.

Bethel next season’s salary from $4 million 500 thousand to $2 million. cheap jerseys online If Bethel can play well, then he will have a chance to increase his salary. His contract will last until the 2018 season.

As the season goes on, Prescott and Elliot continue to break the team and NFL all rookie record; in the occupation bowl vote, Prescott was ranked second, the first is his teammate Elliot, and behind him is the great Tom di – blake. In his rookie season as quarterback Prescott led the Cowboys got 13 wins, passing yards and 3667 yards, completed 23 touchdowns, 6 rushing touchdowns, passing success rate of 67.8%, 104.9 (third in the League quarterback score)! As a rookie quarterback and as a starter, rookie season Prescott just threw out 4 copies of the cut, he was calm on the field can be seen. In contrast, last season, another best rookie quarterback Carson Wentz threw 14 steals.