Not long ago, because Stanford china discount the job needs, engaged buy nfl jerseys failed Laboratory in mental health education of college students of Stanford University, I went to a meeting with Mr. Sia Britos, and the psychological education expert at the Stanford University. Britos has a wealth of experience and achievements in psychological education, his love by allowing students to do experiments, to teach their own educational philosophy and psychology knowledge, help them establish a correct attitude towards life and faith.

After the meeting, Britos first simply communicate with me about his psychological education ideas and concepts, then please visit me in the best of spirits and several of his psychological laboratory. One is called “fail anyway”, I was very impressed.

Walked into the laboratory, if not be informed in advance, I don’t believe it is a psychological laboratory, filled with decorative balloons, ribbons and other plastic flowers completely like a riotous with colour, full of cheerful atmosphere of the scene!

According to britos introduction, this laboratory consists of 4 parts, each part jerseys supply nfl center belong to a separate small room, each room has a with risk and failure related themes. The first room is intellectual adventure and failure, the second is the financial risk and failure, the third is the emotional adventure and failure, the fourth is the physical risk and failure.

“Students can choose either of these adventures, alone or with the team.” Britos explained.

“Is there a specific measure of the risk of success or failure?” I asked.

“Yes, every adventure activities are a” risk index calculator, it can automatically according to the participants’ performance, accurately calculated in the high index when they feel the most comfortable and most appropriate at this time, their chances of success and the biggest adventure, failure is the most.”

“What is the purpose of these experiments?” I continue to ask.

“Let the students know how they react to risk in different situations and the attitude towards failure in order to understand themselves.”

In order to jerseys china nfl factory more specifically, then britos began to me one by one not to mind taking the trouble to introduce 4 adventure activities about the content and situation.

According to reports, in the theme of the room, the students to solve a series of open, need to give full play to their imagination to solve the problem, but also to be flexible, fast, otherwise it is tantamount to failure.

Britos turned up 3 intelligence investigation, respectively: in MARCH (March) and APRIL (April) the middle part of the two months, you will find what? Two people got lost in the woods, and then a man went north, the other went south, but strangely enough, after about 20 minutes, they met again A total of 4 eggs in the basket, and then came to the 4 people, each of them took an egg from each other, there is an egg basket, this is why?

These exercises can really stumped me, let me very embarrassed. Fortunately, no britos guessing, soon revealed the answer: the middle part is R; two is the opposite line; one is the basket and an egg together away. I can not help but these topics see light suddenly, overwhelmed with admiration for.

In the financial theme of the room, the students want to challenge some of the gambling game, before the challenge to bet on 10 – $100 as the bet. Britos said, some students come directly under the maximum bet, some students are a little big, challenge after the failure of the reaction is also different, some others had stamp with rage.

In the physical theme room, all the students will britos reaction tests such as indoor rock climbing, the long jump competition before, during and after the competition, the success or failure of treatment and psychological expression.

Finally, in the emotional theme of the room, to the students on a piece of paper to write their feelings secret, can love, can also be about their own shortcomings, to test Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic the psychological openness. The results of many students for fear of people to know their secret and a quiz.

“These 4 themes cover almost all the risks and failures of a person’s life, but it doesn’t matter if the participants don’t pass, because it’s in the lab, not the reality.” Britos said, then he will let the students talk about the risk of trying and failing views, after a series of activities and talk about, let them know that everyone has his own unique way to deal with risks and failure, see the effect how.

“Let the students learn to take risks and failures correctly, for every attempt and adventure in life is a failure. Only to realize this, it comes in to it!” Finally summed up the britos psychological laboratory function.