There is Success is buy a nest on the cliff. An ravens jerseys online a state eagle bearing two hawk, a long black claws, a long claw flower. The eagle is old, and he feels he has no future. It must pay close attention to all the time, the flight training skills, make them as soon as possible to live independently.

When he grows older, an eagle wings fly across the cliff to encourage the. Eagle hawk said, who can fly to the side of the cliff, who is a success. In its encouragement, he started to test two.

However, the baby eagle was flying out not far down into the valley. The eagle took them up and began to practice again. A few days later, Black Hawk claw no longer practice. In its view, because the age is too small, can not fly to the opposite cliff. Every time flight is in vain. Besides, they will grow up sooner or later, will naturally grow up flying. So, it gave up flying.

The eagle claw flower has not given up the flight. It felt that as long as their own practice, one day will fly to the opposite cliff. Because of it every day in practice, so fell and covered all over with cuts and bruises could hardly walk sometimes. Unfortunately, it has not been successful, it repeatedly fell jerseys different nfl size into the valley. Of course, every test flight is longer than the last time, some of the lighter. The flower claw realized that their progress constantly.

This day, the two kitty to call his side. It said: “I am old, I can not take care of you. The eagle claw flower is a success, the black claw you should learn from it.”

The Black Hawk claw asked: “fly to the side of the cliff to be successful, but the flower fly to where no hawk claw.”

The eagle said, “success is a state, not a result.”.” And he died.

At this time, a gust of wind hit the rocks at an eagle, the situation is extremely critical. The flower claw clapped its wings to fly, quickly moved to a safe place. The Black Hawk claw can only sit still, after a while, the poor black claw was smashed with stones falling head, Aerie went to the valley.

We are always used to success as a result. In fact, success is in essence an unremitting self-improvement state, with this.

At that moment, Li Susheng was no longer a little boy. All of a sudden, he understood his father’s years of suffering. Perhaps, when the father and mother arranged marriage, this is not the beginning, he wanted to use love to save the house reduced to fragments. It was a thorn in her heart that her stepmother had lost a son in their house. Li Susheng wants to make up for her, desperately for her.

In 2001, only to participate in his work, wages are not high, in addition to the necessary living expenses, the other subsidies to the home. In order to let mother happy, he also cheap jerseys nfl online often buy food and clothes to her stepmother, stepmother with travel trip. He always felt that their family owes her stepmother a son. Although sometimes he is very tired, but also fragile, but he did not want to give up their good.

In 2004, the stepmother because years ago gallstone surgery is not successful, the sequelae of concurrency, on the way to the hospital, every once in a while will endure abdominal colic. Stepmother’s son in order to save money to take her stepmother to another hospital to see a doctor. Li Susheng was furious, scold: “you do not have to pay for my brother. Another hospital, you think mom also shore?” Looked pale with pain stepmother, tears in his eyes, he wanted to stop the stepmother early hospitalization, and pain. Stepmother in Zhengzhou for nearly two months, Li Susheng day and night, careful service. Stepmother was finally his heart. Stepmother has always felt sorry for him, but he advised stepmother do not mind. He said that he had forgiven them, did not want to hate them, hate will make their hearts become ugly.

To 2013, has been doing charity Li Susheng, think first of all to love their families, in order to truly love others. If your family can not do tolerance, compassion and love, friends, strangers, you can really love it? Because of the love of the family, Li Susheng from a young age to understand the people, but also to understand the love of life and society.

Because of this love, Li Susheng became vegetarian. He had a strange theory that the vegetarian diet can clear the stomach and mood of the people, and meat makes people become muddy. Only, this is only my heart, his attitude towards life. Perhaps it is for this reason that he has always maintained his own true and good, so that he won a lot of close friends, wrote a lot of moving text.

The following days, Li Susheng will continue to culture and charity of the two forces! Ups and downs of life, so many years, Li Susheng to the world, the greatest feeling is: with love which is love, hate is hate seeing.