A read only Success is cheap jerseys four years of primary school nfl from china skin petal vegetable seller 20 words; a regular diary book published. Guang’an Beijing near Xuanwumen Tao markets greengrocer Yao Qizhong, and this book is the relationship between the author and the works. So, why should a greengrocer “crossover” book?

All from a dream of Yao Qizhong. This dream is: to give their children a little wealth. This is not wealth, gold and silver jewelry, not luxury houses, but a spiritual treasure — he wants by writing books to the children about their life sour, sweet, bitter, hot. However, the dream of the road very hard, there are at least three Kaner from the outset to lie in front of him.

The first hurdle is how to change, semiliterate state own. Yao Qizhong was born in Anhui Fuyang rural areas, poor family at an early age, after the fourth grade primary school, he had to drop out of school to work. However, Yao Qizhong is a diligent person, a vegetable vendor in Beijing days at first, don’t know a word, he went forward to buy food customers for help, and later, the customer has taught him the dictionary, his words will grow exponentially. In order to get more knowledge, as long as the time, he will head into the bookstore like hunger and thirst to read. Can not afford to buy books, he often copied a copy book, pocket note paper, sometimes is not enough, to hand copied, copied and copied back home after the palm of the hand, out to the book. So, a few years later, Yao Qizhong not only met a lot of words, but also accumulated a lot of writing material, he decided to write. However, his plan was opposed by his wife.

Second Kaner, is how to change his wife’s opposition. His wife’s opposition is justified, because their survival pressure is too great. Yao Qizhong and his wife with a young son and daughter, from Anhui, Fuyang came to Beijing to work hard, a family of four rented in the cottage is not large in the middle of the two. They jerseys nfl Free Shipping set up a stall in the market, living in garlic, ginger and a variety of seasonal vegetables heap. Every day at 4:30 in the morning, Yao Qizhong got up, finishing a good ginger and garlic and other goods, the 6 time flat paneltricycle out throughout the year, regardless of wind and rain, have rushed to the 5 kilometers away in the morning before 6:50, in addition to the Lunar New Year’s day, almost no rest. His wife believes that in this case, there is no time to write, and writing and earn money, blind delay time. In order to obtain the support of his wife, Yao Qizhong boldly said to his wife: “you trust, I promise I won’t delay the vegetables.” Later in the day, every day to buy food people always see such a touching scene: a middle-aged man lying in full of garlic and ginger on the board, holding a pen, in a stack of paper writing carefully to the customer, he got up and selling, the customer is gone, and he hard to write, so every day. This middle-aged man is Yao Qizhong. See him so, the wife really can not bear to say anything more.

Third Kaner, is how to overcome the adverse effects of the noisy environment. As the saying goes: once, although no longer writing by his wife’s interference, but in the vegetable market in noisy writing is not easy. Just began to write in the vegetable stall, Yao Qizhong for a while to sell to sell a ginger, garlic, one day can not write a two page manuscript. But, even so, he did not stop, be afraid of what a day to write only three hundred words, he still went on to write second days. He knew that the reason to give up may have a thousand, but do not give up the reason is only one: can not stop! Bite the bullet and adhere to the more than and 10 days later, Yao Qizhong gradually adapt to the market’s noisy, and before long, his mind is free, between the expression of words and even the free conversion of vegetables.

In the passage of time, the text in the increase, after more than 1 thousand days to cross the three Kaner Yao Qizhong finally completed the 30 words of the diary book. In the book, he used a straightforward simple language about myself and my family story. The second half of 2012, the manuscript was a press fancy, of which 20 words selected, named “vegetables uncle diary” published in jerseys different nfl size March 26, 2013, the book officially on sale. For a time, Yao Qizhong’s deeds, including CCTV, including a major concern in the country’s major media, and therefore popular Yao Qizhong.

There is one of the most common goods in the vegetable stall in Yao Qizhong: garlic. Think carefully, for so many years, Yao Qizhong crossed the cross in front of a Kaner, finally a dream come true, and the process of peeling garlic skin are similar: a layer by layer, patiently stripping down, finally obtained is bright eijun garlic. People often ask: what is success? In fact, success is wrapped in a layer of garlic skin petal.