Vice president of the United States watching the battle Super Bowl provoked controversy, behind the scenes manipulation is Dezhou boss?

US Vice President Mike – Burns played an important role in the “National Anthem” last year, and last season Burns was going to watch the Indianapolis pony’s home game against San Francisco 49. As a result of the United States anthem, the 49 – team player of the San Francisco team was again kneeling on a single knee, and Mike – Burns, an American vice president who was supposed to be watching, left his wife with his wife.

As Trump’s right arm, Burns could not tolerate such behaviour. He sent six tweets to show his attitude and position, and summed up his comments as a statement to support Trump “I left the scene of the Indianapolis pony today because President Trump and I do not lift any disrespect for our national army, the flag, or the national anthem!”

It is interesting that the little horse gave Burns a ticket for the fifty-second Super Bowl in order to express his apology. According to Burns’s latest personal financial statements, he received a Super Bowl ticket from the oil tycoon Fowler Lucas, the sponsor of the Lucas oil company, who was named after Lucas. More interesting, Lucas was not the only boss who invited Burns to watch the ball, and he received the Super Bowl ticket of Bob Mcnell, the owner of Houston Dezhou.

According to statistics, Burns’s Super Bowl jerseys online ticket is worth 15 thousand dollars, but before he got 49 tickets from Lucas, only 745 dollars. Wilson, a White House spokesman, said the gifts Burns received did not violate moral standards, because most of the gifts to the vice president were outside the federal gift management order.

After saying Lucas’s gift, it would be more interesting for McNair to invite Burns to watch the ball. McNair is one of the more radical parties to the “kneeling National Anthem”. He clearly expressed his dislike of the practice and expressed his views in public many times, making himself very discompatible with the players from Dezhou. At the same time, McNair and Trump were very good and very supportive of the Republican Party. McNair donated $250 thousand in Trump’s general election, the largest donor in NFL for Trump.

The two ESPN commentators called McNair “Trump’s potential million dollar donor in the next election” and shared McNair’s comment on the players in the National Anthem last year. “You can’t let a bunch of prisoners to run the prison!”

Burns ended up watching the fifty-second Super Bowl at the scene, because McNair had not only prepared a ticket for Burns, but also prepared a ticket for his wife and daughter. Although Burns’s practice did not violate the rules, when his financial statements came out, it caused the American people’s dissatisfaction because of this. At this time, it was revealed that Burns did not happen to be in his home town last year, but to change the journey to the west coast for the game and fly directly from Las Vegas to Indianapolis. According to the survey, the trip cost 245 thousand dollars.

A Super Bowl nfl jerseys ticket has placed vice president Burns on the cusp of public opinion. At present, the White House has not given any explanation on the matter.