Luckily, when Survive the browns retired I was in jerseys trough of life college, I caught up with the rise of Taobao, Taobao is the first batch of the seller, with the horse owner platform, during the University earned more than ten million yuan. The money I didn’t spend a cent, saved up. After graduating from college, we are not going to the South as a small white-collar workers, that is, by the relationship between the family into the institutions, state-owned enterprises or the civil service exam, and I have already done the next plan.

The first year after graduating from college, I am in a small town in the province, rented a shop, I started a small restaurant boss career, really get up earlier than chicken, do more than cattle. As a result of the barbecue, every night is to be able to sleep after two in the morning. In order to save labor, I put myself as a waiter busy, the catering industry turnover rate is very large, I became the store all rounder, purchasing, pickling, batching, skewers…… But I got what I deserve.

Second years, I opened a larger shop. On this cycle, 3 years after graduation, I have 4 stores. This is the 4 stores, barbecue, hot pot, Korean cuisine, northeast farmhouse dishes. The catering industry, each project is a short season, but you have a few more items, you will stagger season, 12 months a year will each month is the peak season.

Compared with their peers, I have been brilliant, the annual net profit of about 1000000, I rely on their own to buy a house of 160 square meters Riverview house, live a quality life. Don’t go to the store every day, because I hired every store manager management, I live very comfortable. When my classmates are jerseys factory supply still doing a bad job in the company, and consider which company to go to work and worry, I am considering which stocks to buy, whether to invest in the logistics industry. I seem to get all the things my peers want to be, and that’s what I call a winner.

But it seems not so smooth, now I really believe that, easy to start setting difficult. From the beginning of 2010, my shop began to slump, at first I did not pay attention, because only a small decline in turnover, but it is because I do not pay attention to, resulting in a large number of guests loss. By the end of 2011, I went bankrupt, the store against the house sold, the result is still owed hundreds of thousands of debt.

When I graduated from college, I didn’t go to school one day, but in order to survive, I had to find a job. However, when I found that I can find all the work, not even at that time my shop staff wages, I began to doubt their ability.

In fact, if it is just to find a job life, it is not so difficult, the difficulty is that I earn 1500 yuan a month, where he can pay off hundreds of thousands of debt? Creditors call every day some people find more debt, debt collection company, I will be beaten up, must pay back the money within the time limit, or to my hand.

I don’t care about myself, but my parents have to suffer the same mental damage as I do every day. I really had the idea for the first time: “why do you want to start a business? Why don’t you go to work like an ordinary person, and go to the life of ordinary people? Because of you because of your business, business failure, so hurt the family!”

Later, because of a friend’s advice, I want to go abroad. Then I began to operate quickly, and soon, I came to the other side of the earth, in a developed country began to work, make money. Work more than 12 hours a day, heavy physical activity, but the country to pay you, will let you forget all the tired.

I work hard, then, through work, network, get to know some of the local Chinese, we began to form a group, began to come together to live independently, I earn money as I started work several times. When I had enough money to repay the debt, he also saved a part of future jerseys direct supply development of the money after I began to think of the future.

I can not be young forever, but I am also very envious of wearing a suit of white-collar workers, but the country’s immigration policy unusually tight, some big brother for 10 years, still did not get the identity, I am not willing to life like this, so I decided to return to start.

I was the first to pay the debt, and then left a part, I decided to study in Japan, began to learn Japanese, began planning their future……

The bottom of life, everyone will experience, in fact, nothing terrible. When I was bankrupt, the day before the sale of the house, once a foot across the window of my 20 house, ready to jump out of their own, was my father pulled back. My dad said we cry on each other’s shoulder, I never forgot the words: “man, man, be strong! There’s nothing that can’t be done! If you die, you and I don’t live!”

Father’s words, make me strong, because I know, my life is not just my own. So, even for parents, but also to live well.