In 1999, I followed his Ten years of browns alternate jerseys father of 2016 hard ice cream the child to Singapore into the new world, then in addition to youth and enthusiasm, nothing, and several young people flat-share an apartment, go to the supermarket to buy discounted celery and chicken, because a piece of new coins inserted in the cart can not pull out and cry, looking for a job, went to singapore map doesn’t show any plant, to grow to NO. the highest number since the age of more than and 20

I am frustrated after numerous strikes, still have the courage Chinese finally taught at an international school in Singapore, opened my occupation career, and gradually from the hillsides.

At first, I really can not find the direction, unpredictable future, and there is always a shot for a place, where you do not leave the house to stay with the idea of escape. As the day I was touched deeply, Singapore gradually, it seems harsh, but fair and reasonable; looks refused, but secretly to leave you a bright look; but the heart is wide and narrow area, it is very strict, but because of the strict and give everyone the freedom.

Just when we cheap football jerseys were told to Singapore in Singapore chewing gum is illegal, eat and drink water in the compartment is illegal, Luanchuanmalu traffic accident without compensation, then gradually know many behavior between the ban, to consider there is no penalty may not stop to correct their bad habits develop elsewhere, regulate their own the behavior of. It was a long time before I realized that there were no rules and no Cheng Fangyuan, because of these constraints, I enjoyed the cleanest environment in the world, the most orderly traffic, the safest life, the most friendly attitude. I’m such a total, total, total sigh ablaze with anger about the girl in this environment is to experience peace and quiet and thoughtful, considerate of others will take care of others, services at the same time be feedback to others.

When I was more than and 20 years old, I always think, why this world is so unfair, just because you were born different, is divided into rich and poor countries, only because there is no a nationality, you will naturally low local people a head, they bother to do the work till you do. They have no salary guarantee you. I think my life is poor, could not live a luxurious life like that.

Because, when someone in the wine product of cheese, I sweat all the shuttle in the bus; when people wearing the dress to go to the concert, tell me when a ticket is only more than and 100, even sent me a ticket, I can’t afford to watch the dress, when I, a the door is thought to work, make money, to buy their own homes, live a normal life of the local people.

The days in their daytime walk, in a little bit of deposit growth, in a hoarse voice, in the pursuit nfl jerseys free shipping of a dream to pull the sleep time of writing point of light.

We get PR notice the same day, I hold a deposit certificate proudly informed her husband that we can go to the house. We bought a house, we decorated the house, we began to have the money to travel to Malaysia, we came to visit relatives, no longer carry toothbrush towel home but will bring a gift to parents, we have the courage to have children in Singapore, even to the last nike nba jerseys top quality divorce and fortune can be divided……

Over the past ten years, in the absence of a moment to relax vigilance, life is running forward, finally, I live a little bit of their own dreams. Until today, I come back to this film taught me what is truly fair and what is the pursuit of happiness, what is the age and growth mark place, sitting in the ice cream shop downtown three scoops of ice cream, watching the coming and going in a hurry to depart the passers-by, cheers for himself, for the past ten years of unremitting efforts can be a half day break. Like 10 years ago, I envy the woman like Korean wife does not work and enjoy life.

There is not a moment in this world that is fair, it opens the door for those who need it and who keeps trying. I believe, as long as you persevere, you will like me, ten years later, eat this cup contains only grateful laughter sour, sweet, bitter, hot tears, no regrets of ice cream.