This should be one of the reasons why father loves Payton so much. Payton was one of the best men of the time – the warriors of the field. He’s got a great work ethic, and my father wants me to be a player like that.
I want to be the best team in the history of the bears, but I want to bring a championship to the city.

As a result, none has been achieved. To tell you the truth, I love nfl jerseys online every minute of this team.
But now it’s time to move into a new phase of your career, so, as you might have heard, I’m going to sign with the Philadelphia hawks.
Write this article to write some, how to Chicago and bears down on the expression of my gratitude? These are really hard to say. So I think the only thing I can say is……

Thank you for being open to me.
Thanks to Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) and Phil Amery (Phil Emery) threw my trust and the olive branch. Very interesting…… When they said they were going to pick me, I should have believed it. When selected, you just want to go to a team that loves you. Obviously, I’ve been in a team like this.

Senior “thank you once in the locker room Brothers – bears little peanut” Tillman (Peanut Tillman), Julius (Julius Peppers) – peipers, Matt Ford (Matt Forte) and German (Devin Hester) – Hester, and recently alongside Tracey – Potter (Tracy Porter), penel – Mcphee (Pernell McPhee), Wilson (Marquess Wilson) – Kido, Eddie – Royall (Eddie Royal), too much, I can’t point out the name of each person, but you are the best team, must thank you, without you, I will not become myself today.

Thank you, Brandon Marshall (B. Marshall), you always help me to advertise, tell others when I have the game, always boast of my performance on the field and off the field matures, these have a great influence on me. To be honest, you are my best teacher. In the East, goodbye, my brother.
Thanks to the coaching staff and everyone I’ve come and gone for the bears. You have helped me grow and I hope I have helped you.
But what I appreciate most is the fans.

Never forget the rookie season first home court game, when we ran out of the tunnel, the audience boiling xuemaibizhang. In this arena, I once had dreams of University feeling, because the atmosphere is too hot — I university in the southeastern Conference (SEC) to play, where fans of the surging passion, the entire college football circles and no one. But the bears did it.
To be honest, thank you for welcoming me and making me feel at home. Because of you, Chicago will always be my heart.
Speak so much, although it is sad to leave the bear family, but also look forward to my new opportunities. I’m going to play with my heart, play hard and do my best to bring Philadelphia a trophy.
In addition, very pleased with Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) – wayne. On the season second week War Eagle home court, that is the first time the game was Wentz, rules for his first impression. I remember on the sidelines, watching his side waiting for the attack, it was his second game, so there is no intention to pay attention to him, while the other end is thinking about how to do.
But remember that the thought, “I said, this child has talent”.

As the race progresses, Wentz playing better, I once thought that he has race will enter wholesale nfl jerseys the MVP day, he has that ability.
I mentioned it to him the other day. It was after I announced to join the Hawks, we chat text messages, I said he was very good, one day will be able to become the league’s MVP, and one of my work is to help him.
He said he didn’t care about MVP.

What he wants is a champion.

A few months ago just watched the movie “invincible” (Invincible), remember the scene: Mark – Wahlberg (Veterans Stadium) in veterans stadium completed a touchdown, then embrace, his face is a piece of the sea of spectators fans are wearing green and White Eagles the old Jersey, he was boiling, cheering for him.