Matt Ryan


Note: due to the new England patriots nfl jerseys wholesale signed the first round of the 2008 was confiscated, the only 31 first round pick.

1 dolphins: Matt Ryan, quarterback

Original choice: Jack – Lang, offensive intercept

Original draft position: the first round of 3 sign, falcon.

Ryan in his rookie season will be in 2007 4 wins and 12 negative Falcons team to the top 11 wins and 5 losses. His performance has improved year by year, and almost achieved victory in February. Therefore, he is a dolphin in the Dan – Marino after chaep jerseys nfl the need for the construction team quarterback..

2 rams: Joe Flacco, quarterback

Original choice: Chris – Lang, defensive end

Original draft position: the first round of 18 sign, crow

Fraco is a strong quarterback, arm full record of 10 wins and 5 playoff record, also made the 2012 Super Bowl champion, during this period, he sent a total of 11 touchdown passes, but was not steals; 117.2 passer rating and averaged 285 yards. To know the 2010 champion Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford) performance, presumably ram more firmly they choose flao determination, will be built in his quarterback.

3 o Tibu – Taleb, shawntae

Matt Ryan, quarterback

Original draft position: the first round of 20 sign, pirates

Taleb is a strong athletic ability, long arms, defense ability is strong. In Denver he is often responsible for marking the best receivers, and perennial occupation bowl.

4 Raiders: Jamal – Charles, ran Wei

Original: Darren Mcfadden, ran Wei

Original draft position: three rounds 73 sign, chief

Eyre, the then owner of the Raiders,, told me that cheap nfl jerseys online if he could pick up the draft, he would choose the (Al Davis). Davies has got his running guard this time after the rams and falcons already have the first run. Charles has a tremendous speed (40 yards and 4.38 seconds). A career best ball size attempt in more than 1000 players (5.4), which is even better than Jim – Brown and Barry – Saunders.

5 chief: Ryan Koredi, attacking the front

Original choice: Ryan Dorsey, defensive intercept

Original draft position: the first round of 12 sign, Mustang

Initially in Boise State as a defensive front line of the team has a strong athletic ability and slender arms. In his rookie season as left Jiefeng played in 16 games, a total of five years ago and in his 80 appearances. He and Charles are among the top 22 in the list.

6 jet: DeShawn Jackson, wide receiver

The original choice: Vernon – Goulston, defensive end

Original draft position: the two round of the 49 sign, eagles

Jackson is not strong, but has a full explosive force, can take off. He maintained a career catching 17.7 data size. He can accurately predict the trajectory of the ball, and I’ve seen since don Hutson best after head catcher. Jackson’s 8819 yard catch number is the most in the list, and it’s easy to surpass the best catcher in the jet during this time. (Dustin – Dustin Keller, 2876,)

7 saints: Chris – Johnson

Original choice: Cedric – Ellis, defensive cutting front

Original draft position: the first round of 24 sign, Titan

Johnson hit a record 40 yards in the test camp. He is a versatile defender: run, catch, or back. Durability is his characteristic. Early in his career, he was a strong backcourt weapon in the titans. He has been selected for the first three seasons and has entered the club of the size of the yard with a total of 358 yards in a single season with a total of 2006 yards. Think of his attack on Drew – Bracey.

8 Jaguars: Jack – Lang, offensive intercept

Original choice: Derek – Harvey, defensive end

Original draft position: the first round of 1 sign, dolphins

Long before the first four seasons to participate in the nfl jerseys china four professional bowl, once selected the best lineup. Before he was injured, he was a good player with a strong athletic ability and defensive power.