The top team will evaluate the free cheap jerseys china agent market at the beginning of the new year in order to plan the development direction of the team. In the player market, the team will assess the strength of the free players, according to the team’s own needs to choose whether it is a draft or sign up. Although the free agent market was officially opened on Thursday, a lot of teams can’t wait.

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49 people will use the No. 2 pick quarterback?

At the signing of emperor Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) and Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley), the team in the squad had two quarterback selection. So 49 people may not use the pick to take a rookie quarterback. In the previously expected four quarterback (Deshaun Watson, Mitchell for Trubisky, DeShone Kizer and Patrick Mahomes), no person is suitable for the first round of high overall pick. In this year the draft this year defensive player, high overall pick a general strength of the quarterback does not seem to be a good choice. Therefore, if 49 people do not trade their pick, so they may choose a fighting force, thereby significantly increasing the depth of defense. Whether this is similar to Solomon Thomas punching military or similar Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker safetys, 49 people can through a high priority to greatly enhance the group get defensive sign.

The quarterback, perhaps 49 people can wait for the Washington Redskins quarterback after the farce in Jianlou, in the 2017-28 season season to sign Kirk cousins or directly in the 2018 offseason signed him as a free agent. If the red and Cousins agreed, that 49 people can choose 2017 two round draft pick a cheap authentic nfl jerseys quarterback, or simply wait until the 2018 year quarterback draft pick.

Jaguar will pick the offensive player with the number 4? Leonard Fournette?

In order to help them alleviate pressure on the offensive, quarterback Bolt J, Jaguar may choose a new running back. Considering the fact that the team has spent a lot of money on the defense team, it is reasonable to attack the draft.

Leonard Fournette is regarded as one of the most potential running guards in the 2017 draft. The strength of the Louisiana state run is a combination of impact, explosion and destruction. He is best at the body to continue to push forward, the number of large code is not empty. If the team signed him in the game, the defense would have to rush across the transfer arrangement more manpower, thereby creating a one-on-one situation for Allen Robinson and Allen lateral array Hurns. This low pressure complete quarterback in short passes easy. Perhaps the Jaguar can from belly became one of playoffs.

Pirates will use the 19 sign to choose running wholesale nfl jerseys guard?

Pirates apparently need to continue to supplement the offensive team to maximize the potential of Winston offensive. They have added a DeShawn Jackson, and his profound ability to catch Mike Evans’s defensive pressure significantly reduced. Pirates attack the main pass, but the addition of a talent run can also add vitality to the team. Of course, the team can Doug Martin suspended for the end to return, but then the next season will become uncertain. Alternatively, selecting a running guard like Dalvin Cook would be better suited to the current offensive system. If he was selected to go before the pirates can also consider the Christian McCaffrey or Alvin Kamara three such threat (run, catch and return) running back as a supplement. At the same time, they also can be used as the ball groove took over, after obtaining more space to choose.