Coach Gary – Denver Broncos koubia Paul week was diagnosed with severe migraine caused by physical weakness, this will cause him to miss the US this Thursday’s game against the San Diego team in charge of lightning.

It is reported that in Atlanta and Falcon after the game, Kubiak because of flu like symptoms in hospital, in an interview after the CT examination, all normal.

The United States Monday, the team general manager John elvy announced special teams coach will become interim coach on Thursday, Elvin told reporters: “we fear koubia Paul week physical condition, after I found that any member of the coaching staff can serve as interim coach, I am proud of our coaching ability.”

According to the news, Kubiak will return to the team next Monday.

Forgive me, I didn’t walk into your story of impulse, although in front of me, you always turned yellow memory, chatter without stop telling once the tragedy, I hope you can silently, with empathy, even accompany you in tears.

Forgive me, I can accompany you, but I will not go free. I can be a flood you sad, but I will never shut the gate, spread together with you.

Perhaps, I am your life in a cold note, just floating in front of you, let you produce a song of desire, but did not let you sad melody into song. Cold, is I let you from the pain of a sober.

Life is long, there will be rain, wet body. The rough life, inevitably accidentally fell on the somersault, get covered all over with cuts and bruises. Unable to indulge, tender comfort, may touch touch soft, as if to pain, find a soft cotton attachment.