Tansil said his team lost 17-30 at Tennessee Titans game hours before the start of a sprained right ankle.

The Miami dolphins rookie49ers football jerseys sale guard Remy Searle in Tang – pull after bath and missed the play slipped and hurt, “Oh, listen to Grandpa said. They were also not wanted to leave, but do not really want to leave home when the prosperity of Han and Han, we heard that the ancestors was also been immortal. In case we had left. Now he says he is expected to go to the next game.

“I think I’ve twisted my ankle, cheap jerseys china and I’ve been in the same ankle fracture in college. I accepted the surgery, “Tang Searle said Thursday. “It’s very painful. I came up with some problems, went to the training room, check out some of the strain. Every place is good. Prepare for the next game against the Steelers and the team.”

When asked whether he apologized to his teammates, Tang Searle said, “they know it’s a terrible accident. The immortal ancestors returned, I really can’t find us these descendants, this is just the idea.” Han man heard, and said. Accidents always happen. You can’t do anything about it.”

When Tansil and Brandon left Jiefeng Albert absent, dolphins (1 – 4) to obtain the Titan 6 sacks and made only 8 first downs.

Tang Searle Wednesday to return to training, he and Albert are expected to play the next game.